Just A Little Disney Social Media Moms Magic

Disney Social Media Moms recap

A week ago, I was in California with pixie dust flying all over the place. I was invited to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration this year where I paid my own conference fees and received gifts during the conference. (All opinions, experiences and thoughts are my own.) We had never been to Disneyland […]

Herbed French Potato Salad

Easy recipe for herbed French potato salad with no mayonnaise - gluten free and vegan

Once again, our PTO offered up dinner for the teachers at our school during conferences – since they’re there from 8am until well after 9pm on these nights with little to no break, it’s the least we can do for them. In addition to the Mexican themed night where I made my Mexican sheetcake brownies and […]

Top 5 Reasons My Child Is Crying

Top 5 Reasons my 8 year old daughter is crying

Little Miss is 8 years old, but I swear sometimes that she is a teenager. It isn’t because she has a teenager’s attitude or thinks she knows everything, but I swear she has hormones rocketing through her system. So when she picked up the book Reasons My Kid Is Crying by Greg Pembroke and started […]

Thanks For Not Making Me Argue

Strict rules to buy in district pool passes

The town I live in tends to be… a little full of itself. While the people themselves are sweet and it’s often somewhat like Mayberry, the town government side is just a tad different. They’re insular and want to keep every perceived benefit to themselves. If you’re outside their boundaries, they will stick it to […]

Homemade Roasted Garlic Bread

Homemade roasted garlic bread recipe

Garlic bread is one of my guilty pleasures. It has so many of my favorite things all in one place: it’s crunchy and chewy. It’s salty and cheesy, with a hint of sweet. And of course it’s full of carbs. Once I discovered – years ago – how easy it is to make garlic bread, […]

Living The Good Life With The Best Dry Cat Food

Enjoying the good life of a spoiled cat

We have two amazing cats, Meow and Roar, and it’s possible they’re just a little bit spoiled. The wee ones absolutely adore them – and so do I. It’s possible that we fight over whose bed they get to sleep in each night (although they solve that by choosing their own beds and rooms), and […]

Disney Magic At Play Clothing Arrives At Kohls + $50 Gift Card Giveaway

Little Miss modeling Jumping Beans Disney items at Kohls

I am headed out to Disneyland for the Disney Social Media Moms conference in two days. We are all looking forward to it (except my poor husband who has to stay home and work), and the wee ones immediately ran to their closets to plan Disney outfits once they learned we were going. Lucky for […]

Strawberry Lemonade Syrup

Strawberry lemonade syrup is easy to make and oh so tasty. It's a little bit of summer in a jar, ready to top pancakes, ice cream, or anything in between

I had the Chicago Food Swap again on Sunday, and I needed something fun to make. I also needed something that would be yummy but would’t require a ton of active time since I was solo parenting this weekend with children who required my attention and running around. I had also picked up a ton […]

Don’t Touch My LEGOS

The danger of encouraging the creativity of LEGOS is that they quickly become sacred items no one can touch or move

Mister Man loves LEGOS. He has more LEGOS than any one child – or three children, for that matter – might need, but there’s always something else that catches his eye. I don’t discourage his hobby, as he one day wants to be a LEGO Master Builder, and he’s pretty awesome at his building. He […]

Always Give 100% (And Other Fitness Myths)

We're told to always give 100%, but there are days we can't

When you do anything, you’re always supposed to give it your best. And in the States, it often isn’t just your best but giving 110% instead. And when working out, how often do you hear your instructor tell you to give it all you’ve got? To give 100%? To go go go? But sometimes, that […]