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Cinco de Mayo is sneaking up, and I have to admit that it’s one of my favorite holidays, mostly because it’s a great excuse for me to use avocados in all sorts of fun ways in recipes new and old.  So you know that I’m jumping all over it when TheMotherhood asked if I wanted to participate in a compensated Cinco de Swap featuring avocados from Mexico, I was all over it.

The goal was to come up with recipes featuring avocados from Mexico, something I use all the time.  I’m lucky because the (Mexican) grocery store I shop in all the time has great prices on avocados.  I rarely pay more than $0.69 per avocado and frequently it’s $0.49 for a beautifully ripe large avocado.  You’re jealous, aren’t you?  It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy this fruit in a variety of ways.

When I headed over to Paula’s house for the #AmazingAvoCinco swap, I couldn’t wait to test out what we’d all made.  I knew that Paula was planning to make a southwestern mac and cheese with avocado that sounded awfully tempting, but the rest of it was a mystery.  These, of course, as the mysteries I enjoy.  With all the food we prepared, we probably could have fed a group five times our size and still had leftovers.

Dinner table set with avocado dishes

One of the things I most love about avocados is how incredibly versatile they are.  When you take a look at the table and what we all came up with, it was amazing to see the variety.  The avocados worked perfectly as a garnish, a side, an appetizer, dessert, and more.  Let’s just say that by the time we actually sat down to eat, I was ready to dig in!

Our first course was a chicken tortilla soup that Paula had made that used avocado as a garnish.  I promise, I garnished with avocado, but apparently I “accidentally” topped it with a little too much cheese over that.  I love chicken tortilla soup, and this was a great spicy version.  The creamy avocado helped cool down some of the heat, which I know Tricia appreciated!

bowl of tortilla soup

Next up with digging into the main course(s).  Again, the avocado from Mexico shone in so many different ways.  I of course had to take some of my favorite guacamole.  It’s a staple at pretty much every gathering I have.  I was also excited to try Paula’s avocado southwestern mac and cheese where the avocado was baked into it.  She also had a crockpot chicken taco with sliced avocado as garnish.  And yes, I made homemade avocado fries that were a delicious alternative to standard fries.

Plate filled with avocado inspired dishes

Avocados being avocados, we had two different versions of guacamole, as I had brought some as had Tricia.  That is what people generally think of when they hear avocado, but we found so many other uses for them just amongst the three of us.  And I’ve posted plenty of other ideas for avocados before, too, from my couscous salad to my avocado tomato salad to a riff on California rolls to black bean and corn salsa and more.

Before we were all too full, we managed to eat the piece de resistance.  I made avocado ice cream.  I went out on a limb a little bit with the avocado fries, but Tricia and Paula both gave the avocado ice cream a bit of the stink eye before they tried it.  And they were shocked at how delicious it was.  Much like the dessert dip Paula made with avocados, the avocado ice cream was incredibly tasty and became a sweet item very easily.  Shh, don’t tell, but Paula even had seconds.

avocado ice cream recipe plated

We were definitely some happy people after our #AmazingAvoCinco dinner.  We all walked away with a renewed appreciation for the simple avocado from Mexico.  It’s easy to forget how many different ways you can eat an avocado – and yes, simply sliced with a touch of salt is delicious – when it tastes so good as the guacamole we immediately think of.  Don’t forget.  Many of these other alternatives have come to rival guacamole as potentially the most tasty use for an avocado from Mexico.

Best of all, avocados from Mexico are available year round, thanks to the perfect avocado climate there.  While some people shy away from eating avocados because they fear the fat in them, replacing mayonnaise or other spreads with mashed avocado can actually reduce calories, fat, cholesterol, and more that you would otherwise be ingesting.   And the fat in avocados?  It’s the good kind of fat – monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Think you’re ready to tackle Cinco de Mayo now with your new found appreciation of the avocado from Mexico?  Test yourself.  There’s a “Most Amazing Cinco Fiesta” Pinterest contest that runs through Friday, May 3.  Pinners are invited to create “Most Amazing Cinco Fiesta” boards to highlight all the key elements to make the ultimate Cinco de Mayo celebration.  The grand prize winner for hte best board will receive a $500 gift card, while two weekly winners receive a $50 gift card and authentic mocajete.

Not quite ready for that?  Instead you can head over to Facebook and participate in a quiz through Sunday, May 5 on “Cinco Style: Discover Your Inner Avo.”  It’s a quirky, interactive way to identify with the Amazing Avocado that links your personality traits to avocado-based recipes with similar characteristics.  Are you a Rocker Guac-er?  Maybe you’re Classically Cool?  Perhaps Sweetheart Style?  Or even a Globe Trotter?  Definitely fun, right?

Even more fun, I have a giveaway to share.  Thanks to avocados from Mexico and the Motherhood, you could win a $100 gift card as part of the “Cinco de Swap.”  Think about the Cinco de Mayo party you could throw with that!

In the interest of full disclosure, I was compensated for participating in this campaign for Avocados from Mexico by The Motherhood.  That said, all opinions expressed remain my own.

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  1. Kelly D says:

    I like an Egg Salad & Avacado wrap.

  2. Amanda J. says:

    I love a lunch of avocado, tuna, and cottage cheese. Also, smashed avocado with scrambled eggs on toast. Yum!

  3. I adore guacamole. Freshly made at table!

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