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Cake Batter Frappe on a peaceful summer morning

Simple Cake Batter Frappe Recipe

This simple cake batter frappe tastes fantastic and is a perfect summer treat. With just a few ingredients, it’s ready quickly but has a complex flavor you’ll enjoy. A simple frozen coffee recipe is just what you need when the summer heat saps your strength.

Enjoy mango lassi the next time you need a refreshing drink

Easy Mango Lassi Recipe

This simple and healthy mango lassi recipe comes together in just a few minutes and provides the cool refreshing drink you need, whether to accompany spicy food or as a breakfast smoothie.

Enjoy a healthier breakfast with this homemade apple cinnamon muffin recipe

Homemade Apple Cinnamon Muffins Recipe

Enjoy these easy to make apple cinnamon muffins. This recipe comes together quickly and creates those beautiful high domed muffins you find at the bakery. They taste delicious and freeze well for up to two months. This is a perfect grab and go breakfast. Check out the tips so all your muffins turn out with this same high dome bakery look.

Chocolate cherry breakfast smoohie

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie Recipe (With Added Benefits)

This delicious breakfast chocolate cherry smoothie is vegan and gluten free and has added benefits with the Bulletproof Hot Chocolate and frozen cherries filled with antioxidants. Enjoy a guiltless breakfast that tastes almost like dessert.

Fresh baked cherry chip scones recipe

Food Processor Cherry Chip Scones Recipe

These cherry chip scones are absolutely delicious and super simple to make. Yes you can make them in your food processor! This is a perfect weekend breakfast recipe or serve the next time you have guests coming over. While it’s designed for the food processor, you can make them without one, too.

Enjoy a homemade cereal topped donut

Strawberry Cereal Topped Donuts Recipe

These strawberry cereal topped donuts are absolutely delicious and fun to eat. Check out the recipe for from scratch baked donuts. With strawberry in the donut, glaze and topping, the flavor shines through. Tender and moist, just like the cake donuts from your favorite bakery!

Taking a bite of cherry yogurt breakfast cookies

Delicious Cherry Yogurt Breakfast Cookies Recipe

These delicious breakfast cookies are a perfect treat with the protein from the Greek yogurt and eggs. They are lightly sweet with a great cherry flavor. These chewy breakfast cookies are sure to be your new morning favorite – or enjoy them anytime as a snack!

Break off a piece of crescent roll monkey bread

Better Than My Mama’s Monkey Bread

This quick and easy recipe for monkey bread is absolutely delicious. Using crescent roll dough means it’s ready in a fraction of the time as traditional monkey bread, but it tastes just as amazing. Perfect for guests for a special occasion brunch or for a weekend family breakfast.

Make caramelized apple oatmeal in your rice cooker

Caramelized Apple Oatmeal Recipe

This caramelized apple oatmeal recipe is easy to make and has a secret ingredient to boost protein and make it creamier. This is a perfect low maintenance breakfast! Pop it in your rice cooker (you read that right!) and don’t worry about anything burning or walking away from your stove. This is a filling and delicious cold weather comfort food.

Homemade strawberry donuts recipe with a bite missing

Who Knew Strawberry Donuts Were So Easy To Make?

This homemade strawberry donuts recipe is simple and delicious. No dyes needed, as freeze dried strawberries provide amazing taste and color to the donuts and the strawberry lemonade glaze that helps cut the sweetness of the donut. These baked donuts are ready in a half hour and make enough to share!