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Tasty Tuesday – Pumpkin Donuts

There are some things that just scream fall to me, and pumpkin is one of them. Unfortunately, I don’t like pumpkin. Or so I thought. Then I had pumpkin donuts years and years ago and discovered that I like pumpkin, but just in very certain ways. Like in pumpkin donuts. I love making them, but they make a ton of donuts, so this is a recipe I make to share….

Cheerios Anyone?

I do my best to ensure that the wee ones eat healthfully. We don’t eat out as often as many people I know. I (fortunately) like to cook from scratch, so the majority of our foods are not processed. I’m lucky that the wee ones like a variety of foods – including fruits and vegetables – and that they eat them at most meals. Breakfast is a big meal in…

Tasty Tuesday – Banana Bread

So last week, I had a desire to bake. And I had bananas in the freezer that were taking up too much room. Voila, banana bread, right? Wellllll, almost. Because it’s easier to use my adapted recipes by looking them up on my blog, I searched for the recipe here. And I searched. And then I searched some more. Apparently I always thought that since I make banana bread all…

Banana Bread Recipe – Goodbye Yucky Bananas!

This recipe for banana bread is a classic. It’s delicious and the perfect way to use up overripe bananas. This recipe makes two loaves because – let’s be honest – when is one loaf enough?

Tasty Tuesday!

I made a special treat for my husband for Father’s Day. I always do some sort of breakfast in bed, and I realized that I hadn’t made my scones (sans cream) since we took Little Miss off dairy. They’re quick, they’re easy, and they’re ohhhh so yummy. I figured it was worth trying them dairy free, although I’ll also share the original recipe with dairy. Little Miss has already asked…