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Delicious double caramel apple pie parfait recipe

Double Caramel Apple Pie Parfait

This homemade double caramel apple pie parfait is perfect for your summer entertaining. It’s light and each of the components can be made in advance, so you have more fun with your guests. Simply assemble at the last minute. This is such a fun twist on an American classic!

Mini beef empanadas from scratch with honey habanero

Honey Habanero Puff Pastry Beef Empanadas

This simple empanada recipe uses puff pastry to create a quick appetizer filled with amazing flavor and not too much heat. Honey, habanero, and lime complement each other perfectly in these puff pastry empanadas. Serve with guacamole or salsa for a perfect dish to serve at parties or take with you on the go.

Add brown sugar caramel sauce to grilled fruit sundae

Grilled Fruit Kebabs With Brown Sugar Caramel Sauce

This perfect summer dessert is as healthy or as decadent as you choose to make it. Enjoy the fruit with its natural sweetness, dip it in the brown sugar caramel sauce, or create a fantastic sundae with French vanilla ice cream topped with the grilled fruit and caramel.

Make easy dessert with these homemade dessert nachos

Super Simple Homemade Dessert Nachos

This dessert nacho recipe is simple and easy to make but looks fit for a fancy restaurant. Top baked cinnamon sugar tortilla chips with fruit and a Mexican hot fudge sauce, plus a touch of whipped cream. Using raw tortillas means they bake up with gorgeous texture and flavor, while staying healthier than frying the tortilla wedges. This dessert recipe includes tips to make this ahead of time to serve for guests. Make it for Cinco de Mayo or any time of year.

Make your own PBnJ Parfait with peanut butter mousse

PBnJ Parfait With Homemade Peanut Butter Mousse

Enjoy a sweet treat this summer with your favorite PBnJ sandwich in dessert form. This simple peanut butter mousse and strawberry syrup combines in a delicious ice cream parfait for an amazing dessert you won’t want to share!

Baked cheesy chicken enchiladas with flour tortillas

Easy Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

Easy cheesy chicken enchiladas recipe with homemade enchilada sauce. This kid friendly dinner is ready in about a half hour and uses flour tortillas to make it easier!

Easy and delicious homemade corn fritters

Easy Homemade Corn Fritters Appetizer Recipe

This delicious and easy recipe is perfect for spring. The gluten free corn fritters taste great as an appetizer by themselves or topped with pico de gallo or guacamole.

Grab some Brazilian Cheese Bites for a great homemade snack

Easy Homemade Brazilian Cheese Bread Recipe

Have you ever tried Pao de Queijo? These delicious bites of heaven are surprisingly gluten free. Make this Brazilian cheese bread at home at a fraction of the cost of store bought Pao de Queijo. This recipe comes together beautifully and makes enough to serve friends or store for later.

Enjoy a healthier breakfast with this homemade apple cinnamon muffin recipe

Homemade Apple Cinnamon Muffins Recipe

Enjoy these easy to make apple cinnamon muffins. This recipe comes together quickly and creates those beautiful high domed muffins you find at the bakery. They taste delicious and freeze well for up to two months. This is a perfect grab and go breakfast. Check out the tips so all your muffins turn out with this same high dome bakery look.

Perfect bourbon bbq little smokies

Easy Peasy Barbecue Bourbon Little Smokies Recipe

This quick recipe for bourbon barbecue little smokies adds a delicious depth of flavor and ensures your guests will make them disappear quickly. Make them on the stovetop or your crock pot, whichever is more convenient for you!