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How to have fun, one on one with your child

What We Do For Fun, One On One

Today was our first day off school, and Mister Man and I got to enjoy some rare one on one time. Usually we’re running everywhere or I have both the wee ones or there are chores to be done. Today, the first day where we have no school, there wasn’t much on the docket. I had originally planned a pool day until I found out that the pool wasn’t open…

How to express academic disappointment to your children in a positive manner

I’m Disappointed; You Can Do Better

After my angst yesterday with the wee ones, I regained my composure, in no small part thanks to the sheer joy I get every time I look at the Mother’s Day card Little Miss made for me. That’s good news, because after I got her dropped off at gymnastics yesterday and Mister Man home to do homework, he handed me a math test. This is the first math test I’ve…

Sometimes you have to take a step back and try to remember why it is that we chose to be mothers in the first place. Because the answers may not be immediately obvious after a bad day

Remembering Why I’m A Mom

This has not been a good week, a pretty week. Every week has its ups and downs, and with my children, there are always struggles and challenges. For some reason, this week has brought me to my breaking point. I’ve felt at times like the wee ones are purposely trying to find ways to drive me up the wall, though I know that can’t be true. Separating what I know…

Kids can make a difference. Even if it's as "simple" as shaving your head for St Baldrick's

Little Kid, Big Heart

When Mister Man heard about the opportunity to shave his head for St. Baldrick’s, he never hesitated. Of course he wanted to do it. He heard that it was something he could do to make a difference and support kids who have cancer. When he was in kindergarten, he learned that the little brother of a good friend of his has a form of pediatric cancer – and still struggles with…

Teaching kids to tie shoes can be frustrating, but with this simple trick, it's easy as can be for everyone!

Teach Kids To Tie Shoes: Quick And Easy Trick

Mister Man has some fine motor challenges. Needless to say, when he was little we always bought him shoes that had Velcro. Easy. Done. But as his feet started to grow when he got into kindergarten and first grade, suddenly it wasn’t so easy to find those Velcro shoes anymore. And in first grade, he started having cross country skiing as a gym activity, and those boots were only laces. And thus…

Parenting challenges: When they enter the burping stage

Can You At Least Say Excuse Me?

When the wee ones were little, and I mean infants since I suppose at 8 and 10, one day I’ll look back and think that they were little at this stage, getting them to burp was hard. I could see in their little faces that they would need to, and Little Miss in particular would squirm in discomfort, but getting the actual burp to come up took quite the talent….

Top 5 Reasons my 8 year old daughter is crying

Top 5 Reasons My Child Is Crying

Little Miss is 8 years old, but I swear sometimes that she is a teenager. It isn’t because she has a teenager’s attitude or thinks she knows everything, but I swear she has hormones rocketing through her system. So when she picked up the book Reasons My Kid Is Crying by Greg Pembroke and started looking through it, the irony hit me. “Mom,” she said, turning to me, “these kids…

The danger of encouraging the creativity of LEGOS is that they quickly become sacred items no one can touch or move

Don’t Touch My LEGOS

Mister Man loves LEGOS. He has more LEGOS than any one child – or three children, for that matter – might need, but there’s always something else that catches his eye. I don’t discourage his hobby, as he one day wants to be a LEGO Master Builder, and he’s pretty awesome at his building. He can put together sets faster than I would ever imagine, but he also has amazing…

Why junk food and my kids don't mix: behavior changes when you add in dyes and chemicals

Lesson Learned: Why My Kids Don’t Get Junk Food

So this is Mister Man on a good day. He’s happy sitting with Little Miss after having completed a group activity. He’s looking at the camera and smiling, not being overly goofy but still having fun. His hands are not all over his sister, and he’s able to sit still in an upright position. This is him on a good day.   Unfortunately, I realized Saturday afternoon that I haven’t…

Do your kids know how to tell if their friends are truly their friends? Use Disney's FROZEN to help teach those lessons #FROZENFun #shop

Using Disney’s FROZEN To Teach Kids About Friendship

One of the hardest lessons in childhood is learning to navigate friendships, and the wee ones are no different. Understanding what friendship means – who are your friends and which children aren’t – is something that they struggle with, as almost every child does. This struggle is shown so perfectly in the Disney movie FROZEN, where Anna believes that Prince Hans is her hero after the magical day she spends with…