Sea Bands Review

September 10, 2013 by Michelle

When we went on our cruise last month, I was a little nervous.  My husband knows he gets seasick, which is part of the reason we’d never gone before.  And the wee ones both got horribly carsick when they were younger to the point where we had to dose them with anti-nausea medication for every car trip.  When I had a chance to review Sea Bands prior to our cruise, you can bet that I heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Sea Bands in the package

While my husband couldn’t contain his paranoia and got a prescription for the slow release medicated patch, I planned to rely on Sea Bands for the rest of us.  As I read the packaging on the Sea Bands, I realized that they were helpful for more than just traditional seasickness.  They also assist with morning sickness and also with migraine nausea.  When I came down with a nasty headache while in Puerto Rico before we left for the cruise itself, I remembered this tidbit on the box and put Sea Bands on.  Within ten minutes, I was able to go back to enjoying my vacation and even eat dinner that night.  That was a huge relief for me.

Once on the ship, I kept the Sea Bands as a backup.  The first night, we started cruising after the wee ones went to bed, and we were docked by the time they woke up.  We left port at 5pm the next day, and within a few minutes, Mister Man started complaining that he felt nauseated.  He was afraid he was going to vomit, which didn’t bode well for the cruise.  I quickly pulled out the child size Sea Bands and placed them on both his wrists.

They helped, but not entirely.  To get him past that initial hump, I also gave him some of the Ginger Gum, which is another anti-nausea agent.  Within five minutes, he was back to himself.  We didn’t dare take the Sea Bands off him for the rest of the week, and he had absolutely zero issues.

Interestingly, my husband took off the patches he wore once we were back in Puerto Rico, figuring that he was finished with his issues.  The day we played in the ocean – nothing significant, but around waist to shoulder depth with light waves – he complained that evening of feeling nauseated and seasick from playing in the ocean.  Although I laughed at him (which I know is mean, but I’m just not a motion sick person, thankfully), I immediately handed him the Sea Bands.  Again, he felt better quickly once they were in place.

You’d think I was making this up, but even my dad put on the Sea Bands during our pirate ship cruise in Barbados because he wasn’t feeling well and is sold on them.  The trick is accupressure.  Pressing on the right spot in your body can do a world of good, and there is a pressure point just above your wrist that helps to control nausea.  The stretchable fabric Sea Bands simply press on that specific point on both wrists to be effective, and they make a significant impact within minutes.

Putting them on is simple enough.  You do need to wear both bands for them to be effective, and each kit comes with the two bands needed.  Simply place your middle three fingers at your wrist like you’re taking your pulse with your ring finger at the crease of your wrist.  The Nei-Kuan point is just under your index finger between your two tendons.  Place the Sea Band on your wrist with the white button pressing into that point on each wrist and voila!

Wearing Sea Bands correctly

The best part is that they are absolutely reusable and even washable.  They come in children’s and adult sizes, so we had bands that fit every member of our family yet weren’t too tight or too loose on anyone.  The terry cloth bands aren’t the prettiest thing in the world, but I’m happy to suffer a little for fashion if it means that my family and I can enjoy ourselves and not suffer nausea!


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