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Make Instant Pot Chicken Curry

Instant Pot Chicken Curry Recipe

This easy recipe for flavorful Instant Pot Chicken Curry comes together in under a half hour and is completely kid friendly, while including enough flavor to please adults. Enjoy as a savory crepe filling or over basmati rice. This curry is gluten free.

Cake Batter Frappe on a peaceful summer morning

Simple Cake Batter Frappe Recipe

This simple cake batter frappe tastes fantastic and is a perfect summer treat. With just a few ingredients, it’s ready quickly but has a complex flavor you’ll enjoy. A simple frozen coffee recipe is just what you need when the summer heat saps your strength.

Tips to furnish your dream basement without breaking the bank

9 Tips To Furnish The Basement Of Your Dreams (Without Breaking The Bank)

So you finished or refinished your dream basement. Now what? Here are 9 great tips to think about when picking basement furniture so you’ll love your space! Best of all, you can create that perfect space without breaking the bank.

Homemade bread and butter pickle recipe

Homemade Bread and Butter Pickles Recipe

This delicious and easy recipe for bread and butter pickles is a perfect introductions to homemade pickles. They’re vegan and gluten free naturally, perfect to go with BBQ or on burgers or just by themselves.

Avoid too much screen time with Disney Circle and Circle Go to manage screen time

How To Keep Kids From Spending All Summer Attached To Screens

It’s so easy for kids and teens to simply disappear into devices. As a parent, you want to manage screen time, both what your kids do and how long they do it for. Fortunately, Disney Circle makes that easy to do whether they’re on your home network on accessing the internet from a data plan or another wifi network.

Ostriches at the Curacao farm

Curacao Excursion: Visit An Ostrich Farm

Looking for a unique shore excursion on your next cruise? Check out the Curacao ostrich farm, which provides fun for kids and adults. My kids still talk about this fantastic experience – and here’s all you need to know to convince you to book it on your next trip!

How to make kung pao chicken salad recipe

Kung Pao Chicken Salad Recipe

This simple recipe for a kung pao chicken salad takes all the flavors of your favorite Chinese dish and recreates them in a cool refreshing salad. Enjoy this lighter version that you can prep ahead for company or enjoy for a perfect summer weeknight meal.

THE JOKER coaster goes straight up

8 Reasons To Ride THE JOKER At Six Flags

Six Flags just introduced its newest ride, THE JOKER coaster. This free flying thrill ride is a fantastic experience you don’t want to miss. Eight reasons you NEED to ride this one!

Enjoy mango lassi the next time you need a refreshing drink

Easy Mango Lassi Recipe

This simple and healthy mango lassi recipe comes together in just a few minutes and provides the cool refreshing drink you need, whether to accompany spicy food or as a breakfast smoothie.

Delicious double caramel apple pie parfait recipe

Double Caramel Apple Pie Parfait

This homemade double caramel apple pie parfait is perfect for your summer entertaining. It’s light and each of the components can be made in advance, so you have more fun with your guests. Simply assemble at the last minute. This is such a fun twist on an American classic!