Are You A Spender Or Saver?

August 8, 2013 by Michelle

Money is always a huge issue in any relationship.  And even if you aren’t in a relationship, your attitude towards money makes such a huge difference in how you live your life – both now and in the future.  I joke sometimes that I am a child of the Depression even though (obviously?) I’m far too young to have lived during the Depression, right?

I really enjoyed this week’s #VlogMom question from Amiyrah of Four Hats and Frugal who wanted to know:

Are you a spender of are you a saver?

So how about you?  Where do you fall in this philosophy?



  • Pat

    I’m generally a saver, and I buy what I need, usually when it’s on sale. But since stores are so far away from us, I tend to shop online and therefore spend more than I would have otherwise. My husband is the tightest, most frugal, cheapest person I have ever known. He never buys new shoes until his old ones are falling apart (then gets the cheapest possible shoes); same with clothes. He always looks for sales in the grocery store ads that come in the mail and he cuts out coupons. He loves thrift stores…recently bought an exercise bike that looked like it had never been used for $75. As a rule, the only restaurants we eat at are Denny’s, Subway or Taco Bell (sometimes Jack in the Box), oh, and occasionally buffets (Chinese, Sizzler, Hometown Buffet). Buffets= lots of food for not very much money. Eating out is rare. He always says, “I couldn’t enjoy the meal if it is that expensive.” “That expensive” is any meal costing over $15.00. He never wants to buy any new technology, e.g., a cell phone. Our middle son gave us his wife’s old phone and put us on his plan for 2 years; then our youngest son sent us a phone and put us on his plan, which we are still on. It’s T-Mobile and it doesn’t work in the mountains where we live. We were the last people we knew to get an answering machine back in the day, and the last people we knew to get a vcr. Our eldest son gave us our first dvd player. Forget about ipods, ipads, tablets, Kindle, blue ray, etc. No way! “We don’t need that,” says Jer. Two years ago (2011) he bought our first flat screen TV,..woohoo! Oh, also we’d never used an atm machine until last November, when we learned that we should have a debit card for use at an atm when we were in Israel. I could go on and on, but I’ve rambled long enough!

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