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At Home Pedicure? Nope, Time To Pamper Yourself

November 24, 2014 by Michelle

Learn to pamper yourself

Today is my birthday (yes, happy birthday to me, thank you!), and while I have some work to do, it’s still a special day in my mind and I was not about to spend it sitting in front of the computer. I work hard, and I rarely take time to just focus on me. My birthday? That sounds like a good enough excuse for me. I started out thinking that I’d do my usual go to the gym and then do an at home pedicure, but nope, I trumped that.

In fact, I called Birthday Privilege and had my husband get Mister Man to school by 6:45am for a field trip. I slept until it was time to roust Little Miss for school. And I’ll be totally honest that I could have spent part of this afternoon shoveling our driveway from the mix of frozen rain and then snow that fell today before it iced over. But I didn’t. I didn’t do any laundry either.

I decided that I was going to not only go to my Zumba class (with my favorite instructor who only teaches once a week at my gym now) but that I was going to get a massage, too. Not any old massage, but a foot massage with lots of accupressure from the local place near me. Not only is it way cheaper than a traditional massage ($30 for an hour), but I’m one of those people who could happily have her feet rubbed

And then I looked at my feet. And I had a dilemma. My feet were a disaster. The bottoms of my feet were filled with calluses from that Zumba class and other exercise. And possibly from walking around barefoot in my all wood floor house all the time. Now I know I’m paying someone to work on my feet, but I’m funny. I don’t want anyone seeing my callused, cracked, dry feet. That may or may not be part of the reason why I don’t get pedicures as often as I would like to. And why my beautiful blue nail polish is chipping off my pedicure.

Pedicure with chipping polish

Obviously, a pedicure was also on today’s docket. The challenge is that nail polish doesn’t stay well if you get it wet much in the first 24 hours. And I’m not paying to get a pedicure only to have the polish manhandled. Because I’m cheap and totally ok with that. So I knew that I couldn’t get my pedicure until everything else was complete. Poor foot massage guy. After debating – and yes, it took an internal debate – I finally decided I was better off leaving my partially chipped polish on rather than risking taking the polish off and going bare nails.

I still took some pity on the guy though – and on my pedicurist who was impressed with my feet when I arrived. I simply smiled smugly. What did I do? I finally took the Amope Pedi Perfect out of the bag where it’s lived for the last several days. I’ve been reading posts about Amope’s Pedi Perfect for weeks now. I’ve heard from so many people about how well it work and how cool it was and I may or may not have a gadget addiction. To be clear, this isn’t a sponsored post. I paid for the Amope out of my own pocket, but I have to share how much fun I had with it.

It took over 10 minutes to take care of my neglected feet, but wow what a difference when I was done. Do you see all that white? That’s just what stayed on my Pedi Perfect while I was using it.

Amope Pedi Perfect in use

I didn’t file all the cracks away because I was concerned that they were too deep, but I feel confident that using the Amope product on a weekly basis (which is so much fun!) and actually moisturizing my feet like I do with every other part of my body, those cracks will be a thing of the past. And I won’t have to panic when I have a massage or pedicure appointment.

Amope before and after

Step one in my pampering day down.

Impressively, I still had plenty of time to get to my Zumba class, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Note to self: when going for a foot massage, make sure you don’t pack skinny jeans in your gym bag. On the plus side, having to run home meant that I could get a little work done. And pick up the gift card for the restaurant that was giving my a free shake with purchase of my lunch. I love birthday freebies. I still have a hand-crafted beverage from a certain coffee chain to enjoy one day this week, too.

Free birthday shake!

My foot massage was everything I hoped it could be. While the therapist worked his magic, I could feel the tension melting away. I could feel the rush of blood flowing from areas that had been cut off for far too long. And that hour sped by way too fast. And I know it’ll be far too long before I am there again, but I’ll make sure it’s before my next birthday.

And finally I had my pedicure. With beautifully soft feet that my pedicurist admired – because I’m sure she sees all sorts of nasty and gross feet on a regular basis – I ended up with shiny toes to match the feel of my shiny new feet, with just enough time to get back to school to pick up the wee ones and once again begin my regular circuit of playing my more traditional role of Mommy, the Chauffeur.

But shhh, I still managed to enjoy myself today. I put up my feet and took a break from work to pamper myself. And the Amope Pedi Perfect was so much fun. I’ll most definitely be using it again.

Amope Pedi Perfect in the package

While the Cartwheel offer and the gift card offer I used when purchasing it from Target have expired, now the Amope Pedi Perfect is on sale for $34.99 and has 25% off with the code AMOPE (darn, cheaper than what I paid and not an affiliate link either!). Interestingly, you don’t find it in the beauty aisle by the nail polishes or nail tools where I would have expected it. Nope, it’s located in the foot care aisle, which is several rows over in my Target. Since it’s a brand new product, it has that NEW tag that makes it a little easier to find. If, that is, the Pedi Perfect isn’t sold out in your local Target because if you live anywhere near me, I may or may not have bought the very last one last week.

Finding Amope Pedi Perfect in Target's foot care aisle

My birthday? I’d say it was a success. But can you figure out what number my candles spell out?

My birthday cake with candles



  • Ali

    It looks like you had a wonderful birthday!:) That Pedi Perfect sure made a difference on your heels! I love that you prepped your feet for the pedicure with Amope!:) So many are self-conscious about their feet, I’m sure they can relate to this! #client

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