Made up with Aveda Rare Blooms Collection

Aveda Rare Bloom Spring ’15 Collection

March 20, 2015 by Michelle

I was invited to a preview of the Saturday Aveda event. I was not asked to write a post or compensated in any way.

Growing up, my best friend’s mom worked for Aveda as a chemist. Needless to say, it was always a treat to spend the night at her house and play with the Aveda goodies that she had brought home, especially the ones that weren’t released yet. I fell in love with Aveda then and am still a fan now.

The chance to once again get a sneak peek into Aveda products as they launch? Of course I’m all over that. I had so much fun at the launch of Aveda’s spring 2015 line Rare Bloom earlier today in Oak Brook at the Aveda Experience store, and you can, too, on Saturday March 21. You can have a 20 minute facial plus makeup application, in addition to customized hair color and styling consultations.

Rare Bloom Aveda Event Details

I was able to meet with both a hair and makeup artist for one on one consultations on hair color and makeup application. Knowing what my stylist already complains about with my hair, I was a bit nervous, but there was no need to be whatsoever!

After having some stress removed with Aveda’s wellness products and a little oil application coupled with a hand massage, I was set for learning more about Aveda’s products and what they’re planning for spring. As always, I was thrilled to see that the Aveda products are plant-based and natural, something I care about in the products I use on a daily basis.

Wellness path at Aveda

The goal behind the Rare Bloom products is to have some lightness and brightness for spring. Janell Geason (Aveda’s artistic director for makeup) used different shades from the collection on me for my eyes and lips, as the collection doesn’t include cheeks.

Aveda RAre Blooms Line

As she reminded me (and I know, Janell, I know!) concealer is one of the most important things a woman can use. The key is to apply it to your inner eye and then gently smooth it from there towards your outer eye. Not applying it on your outer eye helps reduce the proliferation of fine lines and that cakey feeling.

The actual colors in the Rare Bloom are meant to invoke the colors of flower blooms in spring, so many of them are intense. But Aveda products hare highly pigmented, and it’s easy to soften them by applying just a little and spreading it from there so it isn’t as bright as you might see in the container.

The lip color – Royal Poppy – that Janell used on me was definitely a bright red that I would never have chosen on my own. But when it is used as a stain, it’s actually quite soft and flattering. I would never have picked it up on my own, but that’s the benefit to having a makeup consultation – suddenly you realize there are so many more options than you would have imagined.

For the eyes, we stayed with a fairly neutral palette, since that’s what I tend to wear anyway, but the Rose Gold shadow has a beautiful shimmer to it and is definitely something that I could dress up by using it on my brow line to add a little more of a highlight.

Avedas Rare Blooms makeup suggestions

Janell couldn’t wait to hear what Ian Michael Black (Aveda’s artistic director for hair color) had to recommend for my hair color, and I have to admit that I was intrigued, too. My regular stylist has been pushing me to color my hair for a long time, but I’ll be honest that I’m not quite up for the maintenance.

After listening to what my hair is like and what my routine is, Ian interestingly agreed and understood. Aveda offers hair coloring services in their salons, and he would love to see me to a richer brown, but he thought the brown I have naturally isn’t a bad shade. He wouldn’t have me go blonde or even with highlights because that is a lot of time spent in the salon ensuring they stay the way they should.

He did have an interesting recommendation that I am going to have to try, however. Aveda makes a product that is a color conditioner. You use it in the shower in place of your regular conditioner, and it adds a layer of color to the top of each strand of hair. Depending on my mood, I could try out some different options and then it washes out the next time I use it.

He did warn that if I use it on a regular basis, it does start to last longer as it builds up in your hair, but that’s not a big deal. If I just wanted to do a richer brown, there’s a great Clove color conditioner he recommends for me. If I want to go more daring, the Madder Root color conditioner would be perfect. Needless to say, these are both on my list of “to try” items in the future.

My last stop before heading home was to check out the hair care station where I had a consultation of products that would work best for my hair. Ashley has hair very similar to mine – a natural curl that is often dry and looks best day 2 after washing. The Be Curly products came highly recommended, and I love how they smell. She made up tiny little sample boxes of each of the products and labeled them for me to try (tell me these aren’t adorable), and I am really looking forward to seeing the difference they make.


I wasn’t sure what to expect with the launch of the Rare Bloom collection from Aveda, but there is so much fun to explore. I got a goodie bag to take home, and there are still appointments available for tomorrow for you to head out to Oak Brook Terrace and see what your personal recommendations are.

Made up with Aveda Rare Blooms Collection


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