Little Girls high heels

My Baby Is Growing Up!

November 29, 2013 by Michelle

When the wee ones went to kindergarten, I was ok with it.  I wasn’t one of the moms who cried at dropoff and felt like there was the end of an era. It was when Mister Man turned 7 that I felt like he was really changing and that his childhood was escaping me.  I look at them – at 8 and 10 now – and they’re so grown up, but at the same times, they’re still my sweet, innocent kids.

I wasn’t fazed by Mister Man turning ten this year.  Yes, it’s double digits, but it doesn’t seem that different from where he was at already.  There have been so many milestones they’ve passed already, but most of them seem like molehills to me.  Maybe I’m in denial, or maybe I’m just too even-keel.  After all, turning 30 didn’t bother me either.

But then there was this:

Little Girls high heels

Oh. My.

Little Miss’s feet have suddenly grown.  She was wearing a 12 1/2 or 13, and now she is suddenly a solid 1 (we also measured her today, and she’s grown again – a little over 51 inches as of this morning).  Her school shoes fit her, but as it grew colder in Chicago, she couldn’t wear her sandals to church anymore.

She and I headed out to find some new dress shoes.  And apparently all the dress shoes for little girls – and a size 1 is a little girl in my mind no matter what you say – have a heel to them.  There are no more cute little patent leather Mary Jane flats.  These even have a little glitter on the heel but were the only ones that were comfortable for her.

My 8 year old wears heels.  That, to me, is the eye opener that she’s really and truly growing up.  Every time she puts them on, it makes me just a little bit sad but yet still oh so proud of the girl she’s become.

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  • Tami

    I don’t have a daughter, only sons. I can’t imagine how it feels to watch your child wear heels for the first time. I am sure you don’t want to think about when she will begin wearing make up. =)

    • Michelle

      She’s enough of a tomboy that I think I’ll get to last longer with her than most moms! That said, I remember when she was 5 and got lip gloss from a birthday party goodie bag and wanted to wear it to church. I couldn’t do it.

  • Angel The Alien

    Really cute shoes! They’re not TOO high… just high enough for a little girl!

    • Michelle

      Oh, I know they’re definitely not too high. Thankfully we were able to find ones that are (relatively) age appropriate, but it never fails to surprise me what milestones get me.

  • Patty

    Aww Little Miss is growing up. How cute are those shoes! I get it. My mom was emotional when dad bought is our first pair of sandals with heels.

    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

    • Michelle

      They are pretty cute. And she wears them when she has to – with her not being a girly girl, at least she isn’t begging to wear them constantly! I love that it was your dad who bought your first part of sandals with heels. So sweet!

      Yes, a wonderful Thanksgiving, and the same blessings to you, my friend.

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