Before And After

July 11, 2012 by Michelle

I just spent five solid minutes with my best friend.  I know you’re probably thinking that I tucked myself away with some chocolate or something else decadent like that, but nope.  Before you continue reading, finish what you’re eating.  Don’t let small children or pets see the screen for their own safety.

My best friend?  It’s nothing like what you thought.

This is my straightening iron

I have bedhead.  It’s bad.  This is what I look like when I wake up in the morning.  I’ve done nothing to it.  My poor husband, right?

Really really bad hair

And yes, that’s real.  Do I get points for the courage to post that?  I moved some of that tangle of snarls away from my eyes so I could see at least a little bit, but… this is what I deal with every morning.  As you might imagine, I don’t want to leave the house looking like this, which is why I turn to my best friend.  After five minutes alone with her (yes, she’s a her)…

I am presentable to go outside now

I added no makeup.  I didn’t change my clothes.  It was the same day, just five minutes later.  Oh what a difference five minutes makes.  Even my skin and eye color looks different, doesn’t it?

So what tool is your best friend?


  • Pat

    Hey! She's my best friend, too! She does make you look absolutely adorable. My hair is not as curly as yours, but it is definitely wavy and definitely has a mind of its own and must be tamed. I finally found out about flat irons about 8 or 10 years ago. Before that, I used the largest diameter curling iron I could find, and pulled my hair through it as I now do with my flat iron.

  • Michelle

    Pat – When my hair is a little longer, I absolutely go with the curls, but it's a little … not working right now. My hair DEFINITELY has a mind of its own, too.

  • Sandra

    Oh, yes. Gotta love the flat iron! I have long hair, and it just makes it look, um, like someone did something to it, instead of just bleh. But I'm usually too lazy, though. Love your before and after!

  • Cher

    Oh I feel so much better when I straighten my hair, it just looks shinier and smooth!

  • Brandie

    I love my hair straightener! =) I so get this!

  • Heather Novak

    Darlin, your curly hair is CUTE! But I do know there is a huge diff when we 'do' our hair in any situation…great before and afters…love those!

  • TheNextMartha

    There's nothing like freshly straightened hair. Though I often wonder how high I should put the heat on. I'd like to not fry my hair right off.

  • Amanda

    This reminded me I need a straight iron. My favorite tool – pony tail holder? haha

  • Hyacynth

    Maybe I'm just the weirdo who thinks your curly bed head is cute? But I do. Also important to note: I have to congratulate myself when I manage to get in the shower four times or more per week. Um. Yeah. 🙂

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