I had heard about Bulletproof Coffee in the past, but until I started working with them on this sponsored campaign, I hadn’t tried it before. I was optimistic that I would have positive results based on previous claims, and I couldn’t wait to try it once they sent me my sample.

Bulletproof Coffee System


Here’s my little secret. The only way I drink coffee is by making it not taste like coffee. That means lots of sugar and cream and other ingredients. Those aren’t the ingredients I want to ingest on a regular basis. I know they aren’t good for me, and the caffeine in my system helps in the morning but by midday, I’m dragging from the sugar and gunk.

That’s where the promise of Bulletproof Coffee appealed to me. The Upgraded Coffee process minimizes the presence of mold toxins, and the company tests the coffee after roasting to verify that it meets their quality and purity standards. The coffee I add all the sugar and cream to because it tastes bitter to my hypersensitive palate? Mycotoxins can cause the bitterness so much of us taste with coffee. (Seriously, read more about mycotoxins.)

Needless to say, that grabbed my attention. As I read more, I discovered additional benefits to Bulletproof Coffee. When you drink Bulletproof Coffee, you add ghee (grassfed unsalted butter) and Brain Octane Oil. The Bulletproof Coffee Brain Octane Oil has 16 times the healthy fats found in coconut oil, which provides a reliable source of energy and supports cognitive function. Who can’t use more of both those?

Adding the Brain Octane Oil made total sense to me, especially as it also enhances flavor. The ghee was a bit more of a question mark for me. Adding butter to my coffee…well, that’s definitely different. It’s still in the dairy family, and I’d heard plenty of people talking about it, so I was willing to give it a shot. Add the ghee to your freshly brewed Bulletproof Coffee, and it quickly melts. You need just 1-2 tablespoons, and it isn’t critical to measure the exact amount.

Add ghee to your Bulletproof Coffee

The Brain Octane Oil? Make sure you measure that, however. It’s potent stuff, and while eventually you may work up to a tablespoon in your coffee, start with just one teaspoon and work your way up. By halfway through my first week, I enjoyed two teaspoons in my Bulletproof Coffee, but move too quickly and you can end up with what Bulletproof Coffee calls “disaster pants.”

After you include your two add ins, it’s time to mix it up. I found it easiest to brew the coffee (8 ounces water, 2 1/2 tablespoons coffee) directly into the smoothie container (heat safe plastic) of my blender. Then I popped on the blade and mixed it for just 10-15 seconds.

Blend Bulletproof Coffee before drinking

This distributed the ghee and Brain Octane Oil throughout the coffee and gave it a great foam. From there, pour it into your favorite cup or… just drink it straight from your smoothie container if you aren’t feeling that fancy.

Pour blended coffee into a cup

This is my morning coffee with no sugar and no cream. I never thought I would drink coffee this way. I actually like coffee without sugar or cream! Let me repeat that. I actually like coffee without sugar and cream! For real, no joke. The Bulletproof Coffee doesn’t taste bitter. It has the coffee notes that make coffee ice cream my favorite flavor without whatever it is that prevents me from drinking it the way my husband does. Do you see the foam I get? Fancy!

Perfect cup of Bulletproof Coffee with foam

On top of that, I gain health and mental benefits? Yes, and I can feel them instantly each morning as I drink my Bulletproof Coffee. I tested this out for a week first. I’ve since tested two days of no coffee, two days of my “old” kind of coffee, and I’m back to Bulletproof Coffee. I truly notice the difference.

What are the differences I gain from Bulletproof Coffee?

  • A cup of Bulletproof coffee with ghee and Brain Octane Oil is my morning meal. In fact, I’ve noticed overall that my appetite has decreased, which means I’m less prone to wander into the kitchen to find…something. We all know we need to watch our eating, and Bulletproof Coffee is my surprise weapon in that. I had no idea this might be an impact.
  • I have energy throughout the day. I’m not trying to force everything into the morning hours knowing that I’ll start slowing down mentally after lunch. My focus has improved significantly.
  • I’m sleeping like a baby. If you know me, you understand how huge a statement that is. I don’t metabolize caffeine well, which means that I often have a hard time falling asleep at a normal hour. And I wake up between 2 and 4 am on a regular basis. The days I drink Bulletproof Coffee (this was actually a big reason I wanted to test drinking and not drinking it), I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. The caffeine doesn’t stick around to pester me. Interestingly, I started having incredibly vivid dreams, which tells me I’m also sleeping deeper.
  • I have fewer cravings. When it’s time for lunch, I’m more prone to pull out the zucchini and make zoodles. I bought edible cookie dough a week ago Saturday at a store an hour away because I buy it every time I’m in that town. It sits, mostly untouched, still in the freezer. I like that!

Needless to say, I’m a convert. I mentioned my new love of Bulletproof Coffee to a friend, and she pointed out that it’s somewhat expensive. You know what? She’s right. But only in a way. I disagree.

First, any foods (or clothing or anything really) cheaply made doesn’t last as long, and often has hidden dangers or side effects. That goes back to the growth of the coffee beans. They’re grown on single estates in Guatamala and hand harvested there. The careful processing helps to ensure that mycotoxins don’t develop. Scary thing I learned? The process used to decaffeinate coffee removes the element that helps protect the beans, so my decaf I usually drink actually is more likely to have them.

When I purchase foods, I could choose to purchase instant mashed potatoes or foods with plenty of fillers in them that are cheaper. Instead, I strive to purchase whole foods, and that can be significantly more expensive. Then again, cooking my own foods is cheaper than buying prepared meals or eating out. So there’s my savings, and the same holds true for Bulletproof Coffee. Is it more expensive than the 3 pound tin I buy at the bulk food store? It sure is! But when I brew my own coffee and use just the Brain Octane Oil and ghee, it’s far cheaper than going out for coffee. Plus, I don’t have to buy the expensive flavored creamers I like so much (but know aren’t the best for me).

I’ve drunk Bulletproof Coffee for almost two weeks now, and my bag is still almost half full. My ghee and Brain Octane Oil are even more full, so I know I’ll run out of coffee first. Even if I got only 20 cups from the full Bulletproof Coffee, that’s less than $3 per cup. I know I get more than that from the original kit, but that’s significantly less than what I pay when I go out for coffee. Plus, I can reorder just the coffee when I still have the ghee and Brain Octane Oil remaining, which decreases the cost even more.

Did I convince you it’s worth a look? Try the starter kit for under $40 or jump all in with the coffee and ghee kit. If I can fall in love with coffee, what do you think Bulletproof Coffee can do for you? They offer a variety of products online, and you can also purchase it in stores locally.

Are you ready to get your days back with Bulletproof Coffee?

How Bulletproof Coffee saved my day. What the Bulletproof method is, why you add ghee to your coffee, and why you should try it


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