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Ostriches at the Curacao farm

Curacao Excursion: Visit An Ostrich Farm

Looking for a unique shore excursion on your next cruise? Check out the Curacao ostrich farm, which provides fun for kids and adults. My kids still talk about this fantastic experience – and here’s all you need to know to convince you to book it on your next trip!

Broiled Filet Mignon at Carnival Steakhouse dinner

Why You Should Splurge On The Carnival Steakhouse Dinner

Did you book a cruise? Don’t forget to check out the special offerings on the ship. Here’s why you should splurge just a little and enjoy the Carnival Steakhouse dinner one night. Full menu descriptions and photos, plus questions you need answered.

From There to Here Cat in the Hat breakfast Suess at Sea waffles

I DO Like Green Eggs And Ham – Carnival Cruise’s Dr. Seuss Character Breakfast

As part of our complimentary Carnival Cruise over spring break, my family was also invited to join in the Green Eggs and Ham breakfast with Dr. Seuss characters. I was not otherwise compensated for writing this, and all opinions remain my own. I bought all the Dr. Seuss books when I was first pregnant with Mister Man. We still have them. When we had the opportunity to try out the Green…

Make your vacation easier and less stressful with Faster to the Fun from Carnival

7 Fantastic Reasons to Book Faster To The Fun

I received a complimentary cruise from Carnival in exchange for sharing my experiences. I was not compensated, and all opinions about Faster to the Fun remain my own. I love cruising. I love the relaxation of it, the uniqueness of it, and the ability to enjoy so many different places so easily. Cruising has changed over the years, and I have to admit that Faster to the Fun – offered…

Hang out with the monkeys in Honduras

Explore Pirates Birds and Monkeys in Honduras

I enjoyed a free Caribbean cruise with Carnival in exchange for sharing my experience. All thoughts and opinions remain my own, and the excursions we chose to join, like Pirates Birds and Monkeys on Isla Roatan, we paid for ourselves. In Honduras, it can be a challenge to decide what to do when you leave the ship. There are so many different options, and as we do with every port, my…

Cruising 101: Debarkation

Sunday was our last wonderful day aboard the Carnival Valor.  While we all threatened to hide and never leave the ship, we knew we had lives to get home to and school that is starting soon.  I wasn’t looking forward to getting off the ship.  As smooth as our embarkation was, we had hours and hours to do it.  Some people showed up as early as 11am, but we didn’t…

Cruising 101: St. Maarten

Today was our last official port of call aboard the Carnival Valor. It’s bittersweet, as St. Maarten is one of my favorite Caribbean islands but it’s hard to believe that almost an entire week has flown by.  I remembered St. Maarten being fairly accessible, and I was pleased to see that my memories didn’t steer me wrong. Little Miss, however, was not interested in our adventure.  She’s exhausted from all…

Cruising 101 St. Kitts

Cruising 101: St. Kitts

After our shore excursions the past two days on Barbados and St. Lucia, my family and I were planning to have a quieter day today as we visited St. Kitts.  Though this is another location that doesn’t have beaches easily accessible by walking from the port (though shopping is, of course), they are relatively nearby. Unfortunately, today was a migraine day for me, and I wasn’t up to heading out…

Cruising 101: St Lucia

On Barbados yesterday, we booked a boat tour on the Jolly Roger.  And while it was fun, it wasn’t everything I’d hoped it would be.  Knowing that St. Lucia, today’s stop aboard the Carnival Valor, is fairly inaccessible without expensive taxi rides, we decided to book a tour again today.  And again, we went for a boat ride, knowing that the wee ones are most interested in swimming and snorkeling…

Cruising 101: Day 3 Barbados

Today, the Carnival Valor stopped at Barbados.  This is one of the Caribbean islands that I’ve not visited before, and I was anxious to explore it.  We learned from our mistake on St. Thomas and booked a tour for the six of us to take a ride on the Jolly Roger pirate ship for five hours ($60pp for adults and $55pp for children). After a leisurely breakfast, we headed to…