Merry Christmas 2012

December 24, 2012 by Michelle

I may be running late – again – but when looking at Shutterfly and the dates I’ve created my albums the past two years, I’m actually not doing too badly.  Last year, I created my album a full three days later than I did this year.  And somehow, I managed to get my cards out.  It never fails to amaze me how many of my friends are organized enough to get their cards out long before I’ve even taken my photos for my cards.

And taking the photos?  That’s only half the battle for me.  I didn’t even manage this year to remember what photos to include.  Do you remember back in July when I took photos of Little Miss in her Christmas dress (that no longer fits her!) with her two missing front teeth so I could include it in my card?  Guess when I remembered that photo.

But we had fun anyway… who wouldn’t, right?

5×7 Folded Card
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It took three separate photo sessions to get these photos, and some of them included goofy pictures in the hopes of getting the wee ones to once again cooperate.  And yes, I included the goofy ones in our card yet again, both on the inside and on the back.  And I did write my Christmas card letter.  Read on for the updates on our lives!

We are once again sending out our cards weeks after we’d originally intended to. Next year, expect a card that includes of photos of children who look like Mister Man and Little Miss but aren’t really. Little Miss in particular has requested that we never take another photo of her.
This year has flown by more quickly than any other in memory. I still can’t believe that it’s mid-December already.

Mister Man is already in third grade, and he now attends Grove with Little Miss. We petitioned him there and moved him at the end of last school year. He is thrilled to be at the same school – as I am, and not just because they now both ride the bus. He also made his First Communion in May, and he happily serve as a “table and light” minister (otherwise known as an altar boy). With the new school comes a new Cub Scout pack, and it is incredibly active, which he loves. And yes, he is still doing tae kwon do, now in the “big kid” class. He’s promoted once already and is about to again. He can’t wait to one day – a long time from now – be a black belt himself.

Little Miss is in second grade and will make her First Communion this year, although she’s slightly less enthusiastic than Mister Man was. She is still a tomboy and loving it, although she is a Girl Scout. She announced while selling cookies last winter that “this is better than trick-or-treating” and can’t wait to start going door to door again this year. She moved up to the next gymnastics level at the new gymnastics facility (the Y, interestingly, which has a fantastic program) and is on the preteam. It’s a lot of time, but it’s amazing how much she’s learned and how incredibly strong she is. Her Spanish is also impressive, as she is continuing in the dual language program at Grove. It’s interesting to see how her spelling and punctuation in English are so “unique” since she’s only learned Spanish, which I found out has no apostrophes and is a very phonetic language.

The husband and Michelle don’t have much to report. There was no amazing trip to Italy this year, but no news is good news, right? The husband’s team continues to excel and is poised to have another fantastic season. He’s keeping busy with announcing high school soccer, basketball, and baseball, along with working the football games. He played baseball, as usual, this summer, although he had to miss a few weeks…
Because he and the kids (and Michelle’s parents) went on a ten day RV trip through the west. They visited Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Yellowstone, and more, staying in KOAs each night. It was quite the adventure, and they adored (most of) it.

Michelle, on the other hand, stayed home, unable to stomach that much driving. She kept busy cleaning and organizing the house while they were gone. She is on only one PTO this year, since Mister Man and Little Miss are finally at the same school, which is a nice change – although being on this exec board is busier than the old one! She loves volunteers, and there are great women who are a part of it. She continues to do freelance writing, which helps keep her brain exercised. There’s nothing super exciting going on, but Michelle won’t be complaining (knock on wood) anytime soon!

I hope that your year has brought you peace and happiness.


  • Pat

    Nice Christmas letter, Michelle…thorough yet succinct and interesting. You are a good writer. Hope your having a wonderful time with your family and friends this holiday season.

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