Christmas Is Coming….

November 6, 2010 by Michelle

I have an unofficial rule at my house. Ok, it’s an official rule. There is no decorating or celebrating the Christmas season in my house until after my birthday. My birthday hasn’t come yet.

That doesn’t seem to stop anyone else, however. Christmas is coming, and I have proof. It isn’t the Costco has had Christmas decorations up since the last week of August. It isn’t the Starbucks cup my husband graciously brought me a venti caramel macchiatto in preparation for the Northwestern game this afternoon. (Ok, so not the greatest picture – the wrapper is Christmas and there are snowflakes and reindeer on the cup.)

No, it would be what I’ve been living in my house daily for the past four days. Thank you, Mom.

Yes, every day since my mom was here on Tuesday, the wee ones have been going through toy catalogues that happened to come in the mail that day and marking the items they “really” want. It’s the first request when they get home from school. They go through the same catalogue over and over, checking and rechecking their favored items. Some get added, some get taken off, and some are merely reaffirmed. Again. And again.

On the plus side, I’m pretty sure that writing the letter to Santa is going to be easy for them this year. That letter? It won’t be written for a few more weeks, though. After all, I do have this rule in my house….

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  • FreeforAll

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  • Unknown Mami

    My goodness, they plan ahead.

  • Karen

    So is there anything in the catalog that they *don't* want?

  • Katrina

    That made me laugh, I am actually hiding the toy catalogs!!! SSHHH dont tell!

    Thanks for coming by my blog and enterng the giveaway for NachoMama Tees, I am in the process of adding few more giveaways, so come back and check them out too!

    I am following your blog now.


  • Kristine

    We have the same thing going on in our house right now with toy catalogs. Just sitting and looking isn't enough for my not quite 3 year old though, I have to sit with him and turn the pages. Multiple times per day.

  • WeaselMomma

    Yesterday, while out shopping, Christmas music was being piped through the store. It made me want to leave.

  • Pat

    I like the hide-the-toy-catalogue idea! The CCC (Crass Commercialization of Christmas) season comes upon us earlier each year, it seems.

  • Shari

    Our girls circle everything they want and make lists just in case the catalogues get lost. The good news is there are so many things on their list that they always get something they really, truly just cannot live without. For the rest of the presents, I just say, “that was on your list, wasn't it?” They put everything on their list, so odds are it was.

  • Michelle

    Freeforall – Yeah, no spam. No advertising other sites. kthxbai.

    Unknown Mami – This is the first year. I blame my mom for instructing them on what to do.

    Karen – Ummm yes, a few things. There was nothing princessy or pink selected by either child. My husband added it all up, and the total from the Target catalogue alone came to almost $1,400.

    Katrina – I usually flat out recycle them! We go with the three present rule anyway – Jesus got three presents, Christmas is about His birth, you get three presents, just like Him.

    Kristine – Oooooo having to turn the pages would be even more painful. I'm so sorry. But at least you can perhaps provide recommendations for or against certain items?

    WeaselMomma – Oh, it gets better. I need to get back to Sears with my camera. I saw a special sign there.

    Pat – SO with you. Last week of August in Costco. It's why I spend less and less time in ANY store as we get closer to Christmas though.

    Shari – That's funny. I love how they have a backup plan. Smart girls! And fortunately flexible, too, it sounds 🙂

  • NYCPatty

    I agree! Its too early! No talk of Christmas until after Thanksgiving!

    What's the rush people!

  • Michelle

    Patty – After Thanksgiving works for me. The more Christmas is pushed early, the less time and money I spend in stores because I want to avoid it.

  • septembermom

    Jillian asks for her toy catalogs all the time. I even kept a bunch from last year. It keeps her busy as she looks through them. Gratefully, she knows that “Santa” doesn't have a ton of cash. Now Grandma, that's another story. LOL.

  • Michelle

    Kelly – That's too funny. The wee ones announced to Grandma that Mommy and Daddy are going to have to spend “all” their money on these toys. Apparently my husband had a chat with them. And she really meant that they won't get them all. I think.

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