The best Christmas presents are books

Annual Christmas Traditions: Books From Santa

December 12, 2013 by Michelle

I have a bit of a dilemma this Christmas, and it’s more that it’s simply sneaking up on me faster this year than ever before.  No, it has to do with the wee ones and the fact that they’re getting older.  We have our Christmas traditions like the fact that they get three gifts from Santa and that’s it – Jesus got three gifts, so do you.  One of those gifts is always a new Christmas book.

The best Christmas presents are books

Every year, we lovingly write in the name of the child who received the book and the year.  Why?  Not just so we remember, but so that the cries of “That’s my book!” “No, it’s mine!” don’t reverberate throughout the house. I know my children well.  Because they do look forward to these books each year and immediately sit down to read through them when they receive them.  And when we pull out our big box of Christmas each year, one of their favorite activities is to dig through and find their favorites from years gone by.

This year, I haven’t figured out what books to get them.  I’m stuck, and not only because I haven’t gone shopping at all.  They’re getting older, and the books they loved before (oh the Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas book!  Tacky the Penguin!) just don’t hold their interest in quite the same way.  And I am pretty sure there isn’t a Percy Jackson Christmas book out yet.

I’ll find something though, I always do.  Because it’s tradition, and it’s been tradition for a long, long time.

So what are your favorite Christmas books?  Do you have any inspiration for me?

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