I’m lucky – or so says my dentist.  Knock on wood, I’ve never had any cavities.  That said, there’s so much more to a healthy mouth, and I know I don’t do all I can simply because I’m not in the habit.  The good news is that I have a two week challenge with Colgate Total Advanced to create a happier, healthier mouth with truly clean teeth, and I’m using this to kickstart my good habits (again).

Products to create #HappyHealthySmiles

Not only will I be doing my usual brushing, but I’m adding in the Colgate Total Advanced mouthwash, and I’ll admit that it’s been years since I’ve used mouthwash … for absolutely no good reason other than I never think to buy it.  This is also going to be my time to listen to my dentist and finally actually floss every day – I’ll even do it before I brush, just like he advises me to.

First stop?  Walgreens to pick up my Colgate Total Advanced products.  It was easy as pie since my Walgreens had all the items I needed right in the front of the store.  You can check out what I noticed while shopping for my Colgate products via my G+ album.

#HappyHealthySmiles start with Colgate products in my cart

Once I got home, I was excited to test out my new toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouthwash.  Even though it wasn’t a traditional after breakfast or just before bed time, I still brushed my teeth.  In fact, I am thrilled that the Total Advanced products provide protection for twelve hours after I use them, including after I eat or drink.  I always feel guilty that first time I eat or drink something, feeling like I’m ruining all the effort I put into creating a clean mouth.

This two week regimen I’m starting is going to take a little getting used to.  When I chose the full size toothbrush head, I didn’t realize how much bigger it was than what I was used to.  I usually brush my teeth with my mouth closed, but I’m physically unable to do that with this brush.  It isn’t a big deal, but it definitely takes a little getting used to.

New way to brush my teeth - mouth is open

It wasn’t until after I’d finished brushing my teeth for the first time that I really noticed the back of the toothbrush.  I thought the bright colors were there just for fun, but they aren’t.  There are actually little nubbies on it that are scrubbing my cheeks and getting my whole mouth clean, not just my teeth and gums.  When Colgate says this is a 360 toothbrush, they really mean it.  It didn’t dawn on me until after I went back to look at the package why it had its name, but it makes so much sense now.

Why they call this a 360 toothbrush

Since it had been awhile since I used mouthwash – and the Colgate Total Advanced mouthwash was new to me – I wanted to make sure I read the directions and was using it properly.  Unfortunately the directions weren’t super clear.  I’m supposed to use 4 teaspoons of mouthwash and swish for 30 seconds.  The swishing for 30 seconds?  Easy.  The 4 teaspoons?  Not so much.

Directions on how to use the mouthwash

I hoped that the cap would be my four teaspoons.  There were no markings inside it to say “fill to here” and the cap itself looked far larger than 4 teaspoons to my unexpert eye.  Instead, I filled to the inside cap and swished that.  I have no idea if that was 4 teaspoons or not, but there’s no way I could have comfortably fit more than that in my mouth, so I think maybe that is the 4 teaspoon marker, though I wish it were clearer.

Mouthwash cap cup?

And now  I’m remembering why I might have oh so conveniently “forgot” to purchase mouthwash.  I liked the peppermint taste, but I’m not sure I got quite to 30 seconds of swishing on my first day.  It was a strong taste in my mouth, and it only got stronger as I swished.  I’m pretty sure that it’s something I’ll get used to (again), but it was a bit of a challenge to start.

I had expected that I would feel a sharp bite of mint in my mouth for a long time after brushing my teeth given the twelve hour tooth protection touted.  The good news is that once I finished with my oral care routine, I quickly had simply a neutral taste in my mouth which was nice.  My mouth still felt fresh and clean, but it was a neutral taste.  I liked that.

So I’m into day 1 of my #HappyHealthySmiles routine with #cbias, and I’m kind of liking it.  Here’s my smile before I started. I can’t wait to show you what my clean mouth and clean teeth look like after two weeks.  You’ll have to follow my Instagram updates to see what they look like.

Smile before I start the #HappyHealthySmiles challenge

Best of all?  When I went to Walgreens, the Colgate Total Advanced products were on sale.  Not only did I earn 50 Balance Rewards points for every dollar I spent, but the products I purchased were 2 for $6, and I earned a $2 Walgreens Register Rewards credit on my next purchase.  Now that’s something to make me smile!

Significant savings plus $2 balance register rewards


  • Tami

    I was fortunate and never had a cavity. That is until I went a few months ago. First time I ever had one and I was really bummed out that I did. Congrats to you for being cavity free!

    • Michelle

      Oh don’t say things like that! I am always so paranoid that I’ll have bad news whenever I go to the dentist, and the descriptions of getting fillings just creep me out 🙂

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