Dear Mother Nature

May 29, 2013 by Michelle

Dear Mother Nature,

I have hesitated in writing a letter to you this year.  I’ve written letters to you in years past and yes even a letter to the man upstairs, all to no avail.  I figured that maybe those letters had upset you, and that I’d written them too early in the month of May and so you were unhappy about that.

I didn’t write a letter last year in the hopes that you’d provide a more… springlike May in Chicago.  And even this year, I held off, as I wished to respect your expertise and knowledge where it comes to matters of weather.  But I gotta say that I’ve had it.  What we’ve experienced this year is not spring.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all the rain.  It is so nice to see the marshes full again instead of dry and to know that farmers are less panicked about a years long drought.  I’ll regret all the mosquitoes that it will spawn, but I can deal with that.  What I can’t deal with is the multiple personality spring we’ve had.

It honestly feels like two small children have been fighting over the remote control.  “I want it hot!” “No, I want it cold!” One day we’ll be in the mid 80s and balmy, much earlier than we typically are here in Chicago.  And the next, we are back to frigid March like temperatures with unseasonably cool weather.

50 degrees in Chicago in MayTwo weeks ago, we were in the mid 80s.  Again.  I put away the winter coats and hats after washing them.  I even promised the wee ones that we’d spend all of Memorial Day weekend at the pool swimming.  But yet, at 10am, it isn’t even 50 degrees outside.  I had to dig out the cold weather gear during the last week of May.  That’s just not right.  And that pool I promised them?  It didn’t open because it wasn’t warm enough.  We wore coats to our neighborhood’s annual Memorial Day Parade.  Not jackets.  Coats.

And now we’re supposed to be up to 90 degrees again.  It isn’t just me that’s confused.  It’s the plants, too.  Mine don’t know when to bloom or if to bloom.  My lilacs actually just gave up and simply aren’t going to appear this year.  So please.  Stop your fighting.  Seasons have their place.  It should be cold in the winter with a gradual warming.  I’m ok with days that have their highs in the 50s and 60s before we move into the low 70s and eventually the 80s.  This year, we’ve skipped that.  We’ve gone from 40s to 70s and 80s and back again with no warning.

It’s just not natural.  Let the seasons come in turn without fighting over the remote control.

Because I’m a mom, and I don’t want to have to take it away from you and send you to your room.


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  • Practical Mama

    Could we please add the hot weekdays and cold weekends? if there is going to be confusion about the fluctuating temps, can we do cold weekdays and hot weekends?
    and where do I sign?

    • Michelle

      I could go for that, too. Although now that school is out, I’d like moderately warm temperatures with rain only overnight and no damaging weather. But it looks like I’m failing on all counts. I’ll add your name to my petition though 😉

  • Diana

    I would love a little more cool temps – 88 is not such a nice spring temp.

    • Michelle

      We haven’t had the 88 here… but yeah, I don’t want to trade you for that either. That’s too hot, especially for spring!

  • Elena

    I love cold weekdays and cold weekends…..please.

    • Michelle

      You appear to be in luck this spring. Good to know someone is happy 😉

  • Pat

    We had a similar flux in temps here in CA…very warm in April for a few days, and then suddenly lows in the high 30s and low 40s for weeks. Now we’re super hot (90s all week in our area) and it’s supposed to be 105 on Saturday! Weird.

    • Michelle

      Yikes, that’s hard. It’s not good for any of the farmers or their crops either. I’m hoping that we can somehow manage to have decent apple, strawberry, and blueberry picking yet, but we’ve had some bad years…

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