Once again, I have been lucky enough to have been chosen to host a Disney At Home Celebration to show my #DisneySide. I’ve been sent a box filled with items to help make my party planning easier, and I cannot wait to watch my party ideas come to life with my daughter and her friends. I hosted last year with a Disney party for both my children and their friends, but this year my box fits my daughter better.

Disney Party unboxing

The box I received this year was a “no theme” box, which essentially means that it wasn’t a preschool box or a Cars box or a villains box (how fun would that be?), etc. Instead, I was expecting a variety of items that I could use for my party, but didn’t know what direction I would take in my planning.

Once my box arrived, I couldn’t wait to open it up. Truly. Ok, except to set up my video camera to record my Disney party unboxing.

There is so much fun in this box, and I love that the items inside gave me inspiration for what to do.

Disney Party unboxing

I will be hosting a Disney spa day, and I know the girls will get a kick out of it. I received the nail polish that I’ll need for a main station of the party, and the huge variety of colors I know will keep the girls entertained. And yes, it’s non toxic, which makes me a fan already!

Disney nail polish

I’ll also be purchasing some temporary hair color to use as part of a hair styling portion. If I can find tiny tiaras, that would be so much fun to finish off their looks with the tiaras – just like in the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique!

And if you know anything about me, you know there will be plenty of food in plenty of creative ways. I’ve been organizing mentally the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse inspired marshmallows for awhile. This package also included an oh so fun Mickey Mouse cake pan and Duff tie dye cake mix. I’m taking a deep breath and debating whether I’m up for decorating a full cake to look like Mickey (you remember my kids who wanted to name my “bakery” the It Doesn’t Look Good But It Sure Does Taste Great Bakery?), but this will be such a blast, how can I not?

Mickey cake pan for Disney party

I’ll also be doing finger sandwiches in kid-friendly form as part of my Spa Day Disney Party, which I plan to display on the snack stand, along with the adorable buckets filled with some sort of finger food yet to be determined. I did make the most amazing mocha meringues (which are so allergy friendly, except – obviously – for eggs), so I may attempt to make a flavored meringue shaped like Mickey and place those in the buckets. I love that I’ll also have my table covering, cups, plates, etc taken care of thanks to items I received in my box. The printables that form into a diamond favor box that I’ll have to fill with all the leftover goodies – because there are always leftovers in my house!

Disney party favors

I also received some fun Disney party decorations that I look forward to using. The swirls that hang from the ceiling are always fun, and I can use them to designate some of the different party stations. There are also two more printables, invitations that are absolutely adorable and an oh so fun banner that we’ll use inside if the weather is bad and outside on our front porch to welcome guests if the weather is nice. This is one of the HP Printables that I may have to search out and print more of and personalize to create additional banners. And you know Mickey is looking out for you!

Disney party games

Of course there are plenty of games to keep us occupied. Trivia for times when nails are wet, and word searches (my kids’ favorite!) and Disney Bingo when they’re waiting their turns for the hair station (more HP printables!). It is always so cute to me to see little girls sitting together playing games and giggling the whole time. I know that will be a blast for them. Ditto with the tattoos that everyone loves, and the Go Fish and Snap games will be fun while we’re waiting for guests to arrive.

Disney party games

I also have plenty of HP photo paper. After all the beauty treatments the girls will have, you know I’ll have to set up a photo booth, too, right? Not only will I document the process of the party, but we’ll have fun when we’re done with the stations creating fun and funny photos. I’m guessing I may run out of time to print and include the photo paper as a gift to each of the girls (ok ok, the girls’ mothers), so they can print their favorites at home, but what a great way to not just create but also keep memories.

HP Photo paper

Once the party is over, I know I’ll have some messes to clean up. It’s just a fact of life, and I’m totally ok with that. The Disney party box included just what I know I’ll need at the end of the party. After decorating cupcakes and doing hair and nails and all the other food and entertainment we’ll be doing, not only will my daughter’s clothes need some washing, but I’m sure all my tablecloths will, too! Fortunately, I’m covered.

Cleanup after disney party

I’m so excited to host my Disney party, and I’ll definitely be sharing how I put my party ideas into action.

What do you think I’m missing that I can add to the fun of a Spa Day Disney Party?

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