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Disney Spa Party Planner

February 26, 2015 by Michelle

When I first received my #DisneySide party kit from Disney to host a party, I wasn’t sure what I would do. They sent me plenty of party materials, and as I went through the box, I realized I had the making for a great Disney Spa Party. I shared already all the wonderful Disney party items I was sent, and I realized there wasn’t much extra I would have to purchase myself to make a great party.

Disney Spa Party Planning Tutorial

I wanted to make the experience as much like a fun day at the spa for the girls as I could. I had plenty of ideas for games and activities to keep them occupied, but the girls had so much fun with the activities they did that we ran out of time to do them all. The good news is that one of Little Miss’s friends asked her at gymnastics practice later that afternoon when I was hosting another Disney spa party. And it was so fun that I think I’ll host all the girls from her gymnastics team at the end of the season for a team party to celebrate their hard work.

When they entered, I had a mocktail version of mimosas ready for them. I used my best champagne glasses (and my daughter was the only one who broke one – next time I’ll buy the plastic version for the kids) with charms to determine which glass belonged to which girl. I used sparkling cider and orange juice, and they thought it was the best thing ever.

Disney Spa Party mocktails

In fact, it was a good thing I had more bottles squirreled away because they loved it so much that they asked for more at the end of the party to go with the cupcakes they decorated.

Enjoying Disney Spa party mocktails

Knowing that not all the girls would arrive at the same time, I had a DisneySide word sort set up for them to work on while we waited. I was surprised by how much fun they had with this, and they actually wanted to work on it and see who could finish it first before we moved onto the hair and nails portion of the Disney spa party.

Working on Disney word sorts

While they were working on the word sorts, I put out our spa food. I served finger sandwiches as well as strawberries and my homemade pineapple curd. For the sandwiches, I had two kinds, and they absolutely disappeared. I served chicken salad on wheat bread that I cut into Mickey Mouse head shapes using a cookie cutter I had, as well as Minnie Mouse polka dot finger sandwiches.

Disney Spa party finger sandwiches

The Minne Mouse polka dot finger sandwiches were a thin layer of cream cheese over wheat bread served open face with three sliced strawberries. I found the fastest and easiest way to make these finger sandwiches was to spread the room temperature cream cheese on a slice of bread then cut off the crusts. I added three rows of three sliced strawberries each, then sliced the piece of bread into three rectangles between the rows of strawberries. In the end, I ended up with the perfect finger sandwich shape, each with three strawberry slices that formed the polka dots on the white background. Putting the strawberries on before slicing gave me a handhold to cut so that they didn’t stick to my fingers.

Just like a real nail salon, I had the Disney nontoxic nail polishes set up on a shelf. Each girl was able to select her favorite colors, and many of them chose from really fun patterns and varieties of colors for their nails. I also included an emery board for each girl so that I could file their nails before painting. Each girl went home with a couple bottles of nail polish in her favorite colors and her emery board so she could keep up her special manicure.

Disney spa party nail polish setup

Some of the girls wanted to do each others’ nails, which was helpful so that we could get more girls going at one time to ensure the polish dried for each of them. By rotating one layer of polish and moving through a line of girls before going back to the first girl for a second coat of polish. That helped ensure no one smudged their polish and the nail polish dried faster.

Disney’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique was my inspiration for our hair stylings. I purchased little tiaras for each of the girls, as well as colored hair spray, ponytailers, and combs for each of the girls. One mom was smart and also brought detangler spray, which is something I would definitely add to my shopping list next time.

The girls wanted different styles, and another mom who stayed to help and I created them to the delight of the girls. Most were happy with an updo, which started out as a high ponytail. Some had us braid the ponytail then put the braid in a bun, which looked amazing. Others wanted a more traditional bun, a half updo or braids on the side with the rest of their hair down.

Disney spa party updos

Every girl, however, wanted the colored hairspray. One thing we quickly learned is that the color of the spray darkened considerably as it dried. By the time our first client had spray as dark as what she wanted when it was wet and we moved on to the next girl, it went from dark to WOW dark. She was thrilled, however. Finishing the look for each of the girls was the tiara that truly made them feel like princesses.

Once we finished with their hair, we knew all the nail polish was fully dry – and doing their hair kept them from touching anything with their hands in the meantime! – we moved to the last activity we had time for. And the one the girls absolutely adored. It was time to decorate cupcakes.

Cupcake decorating at Disney spa party

I received a Duff Goldman tie dye cake mix in my Disney box that I had originally planned to use to make a Mickey Mouse head cake from the Wilton cake pan that was also in my box. Instead, I decided that the girls would have more fun decorating their own cupcakes, so I’m saving that cake pan for another day. Making the tie dye cupcakes was a hoot. Silly me, I didn’t realize there was dye in the box and used my own food dye, but they looked spectacular when they were done, and the wee ones had a blast helping me create them.

Making tie dye cupcakes

The cake mix was enough to make 14 perfect cupcakes. I had never made tie dye cake or cupcakes before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was amazingly vivid inside the cupcakes, and the girls thought they were the coolest things ever. I will definitely be trying this trick again. The key is to use white cake batter and divide it evenly into six bowls. Once the batter is dyed, I used six spoons to keep the colors clean and placed a heaping spoonful of batter into each cupcake liner. Spoon them in the order of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green. blue, purple – and bake as normal.

Disney spa party tie dye cupcakes

I also made these adorable chocolate Mickey ears for the girls to use to decorate their cupcakes. I provided them with sprinkles, too, but these cupcake decorations were definitely the biggest hit. The girls thought they were so cool that I ran out of Mickey ears and had to whip up a second batch for them. Fortunately, it takes just a few minutes, and they make for a pretty sweet little cupcake.

Chocolate mickey mouse ears

I had other activities planned – making Tinkerbell’s fairy dust in little glass bottles I bought, creating Mickey Mouse inspired marshmallow treats, playing Disney bingo, and more. Somehow, the fun we had meant that time flew, and it was time for them to go home before we were able to do more, but the girls didn’t care. The Disney spa party was a hit, and they had so much fun.

Disney spa party cupcakes

The Disney bingo hasn’t gone to waste, however. My daughter has played it several times with friends on playdates over the past week (especially when we were unexpectedly off school last Thursday due to cold – again). I’ve saved my glass bottles, and we’ll do that activity another day. The Disney trivia game is put aside for the moment, but when we have my daughter’s end of season gymnastics party – another Disney spa day per the girls’ request – I’ll put that out, and we’ll do a Disney spa party all over again!

How would you host a Disney Spa Party?


  • Jenn

    So much fun!! I love tie dye cupcakes so it’s good to know that Duff makes a box mix as I think my food color is a wee bit old. Miss M would love that party and I bet you had fun getting your girl all girlie! She looks adorable!

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