Well stocked DIY breakfast bar

DIY Breakfast Bar {Just Grab And Go}

January 18, 2016 by Michelle

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of belVita for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

A DIY breakfast bar is the perfect solution to get your day started right and ensure you have a perfect start to the morning.
DIY Breakfast Bar or Grab and Go Breakfast Ideas

I admit right now that I am not a morning person. And with the wee ones 10 and 12, they’re old enough to fend for themselves in the morning. I may or may not sleep later than they do, relying on them to wake up and start getting ready. It works out well for us all, as this gives them the freedom to pack their own lunches (following my protein, fruit, and vegetable rule) and choose their breakfast.

This is a good thing, not the least of which because I’m frankly tired of the “No, I don’t want that” response to my breakfast ideas. They don’t want oatmeal or eggs or anything I might make for them, so I got smart. I created a DIY breakfast bar that lets them have some creative choice in their breakfast. This still ensures that they enjoy the kind of food I want them to eat. Morning win? Heck yeah!

Enjoying a Belvita Breakfast Bar

When I suddenly realize that it’s time for me to walk out the door and I’m the one who’s once again “forgotten” to eat breakfast (I’m such a teenager), I grab and go from our DIY breakfast bar just like they do.

How to Create a DIY Breakfast Bar

The DIY breakfast bar is so easy to make that I wish I’d done this years ago. Truly all you need is a basket or box of some sort and a fruit basket. I had an adorable wooden box that I almost recycled. As cute as it was, I didn’t have a good use for it. Given the amount of fruit we go through on a weekly basis, I had a wire fruit basket already, but it lived behind our dining room table. The wee ones sometimes ignored it because it isn’t readily visible.

DIY Breakfast bar supplies

I placed both on the counter next to the fridge in our kitchen, which is the most highly trafficked area in our house, especially in the morning. That way, no one misses them. After that, I simply filled them and keep them filled. Make sure to pick out fruit that can be eaten quickly and  can be eaten on the go. Bananas, apples, and clementines are some of our favorites that fall into that category. Grapes work well, especially precut into portion size bunches. As much as we love kiwi and pomegranates, those don’t fit the grab and go mentality of this DIY breakfast bar.

Well stocked DIY breakfast bar

And the “main course” of breakfast was another no-brainer. We all love belVita Breakfast Biscuits. When I bought my fruit, I grabbed a bunch of belVita varieties from the cookie and cracker aisle.

I love that there are different flavors like Cinnamon Brown Sugar (my personal favorite) and Banana Bread (Little Miss’s favorite) and different textures. belVita offers crunchy varieties, bites, and soft baked breakfast biscuits, so the wee one happily eat belVita day after day without feeling like they’re having the same thing for breakfast every day. They have a bad habit of suddenly deciding they don’t want it anymore.

Belvita Breakfast Bars to stock the DIY breakfast bar

The wee ones know the rule: grab a belVita from the wooden box – or sometimes two. Who am I kidding – they eat more than I do with their growth spurts. They add a piece of fruit from the basket, and finish it up with a yogurt or milk to create a complete breakfast. That gives them – and me! – four hours of nutritious, steady energy with the quality, energy-packed carbohydrates in the belVita Breakfast Biscuits.

Grab and go from the DIY breakfast bar

So far, I’ve had zero complaints. And when Little Miss walks out the door and I’m confirming what she ate for breakfast, I not longer hear “Ummmm. Nothing” simply because she couldn’t “find” anything to eat, leaving me scrambling to shove something in her pocket before the bus leaves without her. Nope, she’s a happy camper. Know what that is? A total morning win.

Easy eats from the DIY breakfast bar

What varieties of belVita would you use to stock your DIY breakfast bar so you can win your morning?




    I like this idea. Maybe not every morning but for our running late mornings, mom is sick or weekend sleep in days…I dig this. Great tips!!

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