Do I Need To Be On Hoarders?

March 14, 2013 by Michelle

No shock, I enjoy cooking and baking.  It’s a big part of why I’ve been posting recipes every Tuesday for the past four plus years – and I’m nowhere near running out.  Next week?  Pierogies.  Two ways.  And part of my little hobby is collecting various kitchen related gadgets.  So when this week’s #VlogMom topic came up, I knew exactly where to set up my camera.

Why do I have so much?

So yes, Erica, I have too much of something, maybe.  But I don’t think I’m ready for hoarders yet.  I’ll admit that the original version of this vlog was almost six minutes and shared many more gadgets and their uses.  That drawer I showed?  I should catalogue all it holds.  Except that I use it all, so I can’t just get rid of it, right?

Five points for who can tell me the name of the kind of pot holders that are in that drawer that (no joke) my sister in law gave me for Christmas one year.  I know there’s a name for them, but I can’t for the life of me think of it.

What about you?  What do you have too much of and why?


  • Erica

    Alton Brown always says… never have a gadget that only has ONE use. Always get gadgets that do more than one thing ๐Ÿ™‚ Just some food for thought! LOL Love your hoard!

    • Michelle

      YES! Alton Brown is my hero (ever made his popcorn? Perfect every time). I love that saying. And ummm my gadgets tend to do double or triple duty already. Sadly.

  • Tara R.

    I have a son who is an OCD collector, and a husband who can’t throw out textbooks from college nearly 30 years ago. If it were up to me? I’d get a dumpster and clean out the house in a weekend. Clutter is now my middle name.

    • Michelle

      Our FnB group was at a friend’s house where we went through their office to clean it out. The number of college textbooks from the early 80s that were not even related to do what he does now was astounding. So you are SO not alone. Nor am I apparently ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Alison

    I totally have you beat on cookbooks. I probably have about six times as many cookbooks as you. Mine are all old though, turn of the century old and I do actually use them.

    • Michelle

      I’ve purged so many cookbooks, but I love them so! That’s awesome that yours are so old. I love looking at cookbooks and the phrasing they used then, etc. They have great inspiration AND they don’t use icky ingredients either.

  • Laila @OnlyLaila

    I think I have an obsession with hair products. From creams, gels, sprays, mousse, I’m sure I have it somewhere. It doesn’t help that I live not too far from a huge beauty supply store. So much to choose from.

    • Michelle

      Ohhh that’s another expensive obsession! I rarely put anything in my hair. Fortunately(?) the scents they use tend to give me headaches, so I have to avoid most of them. Where do you store all yours?

  • Patty

    Can I borrow a spoon? LOL!

    • Michelle

      Ummm yes. What size and style and material would you like, my friend?

  • Pat

    I have those exact same 3 different-sized scoopers. I’ll bet yours area Pampered Chef scoops like mine. When we had our kitchen remodeled 2 years ago, I purged loads of knives, mugs and wine glasses. Since both of us were teachers, often students would give us mugs for Christmas. We’d also receive mugs at various Christmas gift exchanges. I think I counted about 70 or 80 mugs. I narrowed that down to about 40 mugs. I gave away dozens of mugs to a little local mom-and-pop cafe. They were SO appreciative. They didn’t care that they were non-matching mugs. It was really nice to have my drawers and shelves not so packed with stuff!

    • Michelle

      Why yes… yes, they are the Pampered Chef scoops ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve gone through the purge of mugs repeatedly. My husband gets them a ton, but now they tend to be travel mugs, which works better for him. I’ve kept only the ones that are from places I used to work. I LOVE decluttering ๐Ÿ™‚

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