Do NOT Take My Legos

December 5, 2012 by Michelle

Last night as Mister Man was finishing up his homework, I heard his voice calling out from the homework room.  Moooooom, can I go to the Grizzly Lodge, too?

Sorry, Kiddo, I called back.  It’s not for kids.  This is an adults only event. (The Grizzly Lodge being the theme for our school’s major fundraiser, our adult dinner dance.)

Awwwwwwwwww, he whined.  But I love Legos.  Why do adults get all the fun?

I blinked and thought for a moment.  Ah, yes.  I know what he’s referring to.  A sheet came home in backpacks yesterday about donations for the adult event.  Our fundraiser will have silent auctions where we’re gathering corporate donations (guess how I’ve been spending my time lately – and hey, if you know of a company willing to donate product in return for promotion before, at and after our event to 350+ families, let me know!), but we’re also asking our families to help.  We’re creating classroom baskets, which each grade assigned a different theme.  And Legos is one of the themes.

I called Mister Man into the kitchen where I was finishing cleaning up after dinner.  Mister Man, the Grizzly Lodge is a fundraiser for our school.  It’s for adults to go, and we’ll have dinner and dance and there’s a silent auction that will raise money to replace the playground.  The Legos aren’t for the adults to play with.  They are items that are donated by parents for us to then bid on to buy and bring home.

A worried look quickly crossed his face.  Are you donating to this, too? he asked with his brow furrowing deeply.

Of course!  I’m volunteering before the event to make it as awesome as possible, and I’ll work at the event the night of.  Of course I’ll be donating items to the silent auction, I smiled at him, hoping the message of giving and service and how it can benefit him and others directly was getting through.

You aren’t going to take my Legos, are you? he pushed me, beginning to frown ferociously at me.

Of course not, Sweetie.  The items we bid on are supposed to be brand new ones.  We don’t take our kids’ toys and donate them to be sold at the auction.  That would be mean.  And besides, who wants to buy used toys that might or might not work? I tried to cheer him up with that bit of logic.

But it says that you have to bring in Legos.  And I have a lot of Legos.  And  I don’t want you to take them for your donation, he explained earnestly.  As giving as he is – and he is a really generous kid – he loves his Legos.

Nope.  I promise that anything I donate will be something I buy brand new and not taking away your toys.  That’s how fundraisers like this work, I reassured him.

Well good.  Because you’re selling everything else, and I do not want you to take my Legos to sell, at which point he stomped out of the room and back to finish his homework.

Apparently I have a little bit more explaining to do about fundraisers.  And to clarify that the items I’m selling on the Facebook buy/sell/trade group are only the ones that they’ve outgrown and no longer use anymore.  Although the kid does have a lot of Legos….

Mister Man's Legos that might be a blacksmith's shop




  • Tara R.

    Poor Mister Man. My son would have reacted the same way at his age. He loved his Legos.

    Good luck with your fundraiser.

    • Michelle

      Thanks! I know it will be a lot of fun. I love that they did it with a more casual them so people don’t feel as intimidated. We’re hoping for a great turnout. But Mister Man’s reaction? It was hilarious. If only I’d had the video camera going to capture his expression….

  • Sandra

    Cute little misunderstanding–although not so cute for Mister Man! I need to get going on those donation items…

    • Michelle

      Very cute, no? He was really put out about the adults getting to play with Legos. And that I might take his…. I need to go buy my donations, too. Can’t wait for the event – you are going, right?

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