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October 10, 2014 by Michelle

I am being compensated by receiving product to try from Door to Door Organics in exchange for providing my honest opinion about their products and service. All opinions remain my own.

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I am a huge fan of CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) where you purchase a share of a farm and then receive fresh produce all summer (and sometimes fall) long. Well, I’m a fan of the concept anyway. I’m not a fan of having food go bad when I’m traveling or paying for food that I won’t have delivered because I’m out of town, which is the general practice of CSAs (and understandably so). I’m also not a fan of bring 100% at their mercy because beets just aren’t my thing. I know plenty of people love them, but they aren’t my favorite. Kohlrabi on the other hand? I could eat that all day long. Door to Door Organics understands this and has created a new concept of produce delivery that meets my needs – and delights me with a few other awesome goodies.

The cool thing about Door to Door Organics is that you are in control. You choose if you want fruits or veggies or both, what size box you want to receive and how often you want to receive it. You’re out of town? No worries – just let them know and no delivery that week. When you go in to shop, you can also choose to sub out some of the ingredients in the box and replace them with others. I love this feature not just because it means I don’t end up with food that I don’t like but that if I’m making a particular recipe and know I’ll need extra onion or tomato or radish, I can make those arrangements. That alone makes me happy, and I can make up to five substitutions each week.

Add in that the boxes are filled with organic products and I’m even happier. I do my best to purchase organic as often as possible, and I love that this CSA replacement is an all organic alternative. The prices for organic produce are reasonable in my mind, as well. The boxes come in four sizes from a “bitty box” that is their most popular size and works great for 1-2 people to small, medium and large boxes, with the large box available only for the mixed fruits and veggies option. Each box gives a good idea of how many people it should feed, as well, with the large box feeding “a family of vegetarians” or being “perfect for a party.” A bitty box is $26.99 while the medium box that feeds a fruit and veggie loving family of 3-4 is $40.99.

Signing up for Door to Door Organics

The fun doesn’t stop there. Once you choose you box type and size and frequency of delivery, you choose what date you start based on when Door to Door Organics delivers in your area. For me, they deliver on Thursdays and sadly I am out of town next week (and know my family left behind won’t fully appreciate the goodness of the fruits and veggies), so I am anxiously awaiting my first delivery come October 23. I love that I can provide specific instructions for the delivery from leaving a gate code to asking them not to ring my doorbell to ensuring the delivery isn’t left in view of the street and more.

Ok, so it still gets better. Once you have your account set up, You can choose not just the produce that you don’t want to receive but also note the items that you think are awesome and want to get more often than others. Yes, it goes both ways, and I love it. I am happy to report that I will never receive a beet because I set up my account to include that preference. I also added that cherries and berries rock in our house, along with tomatoes and onions and garlic. Many of the fruits and veggies go more detailed, too. For example, when I clicked on oranges, it showed me all the varieties that are possible. We don’t particularly like navel oranges and don’t drink juice, but we love valencia and blood oranges, so I was able to make my likes and dislikes on that granular a level. Can you tell I’m getting a little excited about this?

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Did I neglect to mention that Door to Door Organics is so much more than the regular fruit and veggie boxes? They are! You can also choose meat, dairy, bakery, beverages, pantry items, and meals and deli to go along with your regular order… and have them delivered free. What kinds of things? Well, the Tazo Decaf Chai Latte may or may not be going into my cart for $4.79. Ditto with the Applegate Natural Pepperoni for $4.29. There are also great sale items each week like the cow’s milk feta and Amy’s Light in Sodium Spinach Frozen Pizza – yep, they even have frozen items. I may never need to head to the grocery store again! Once you’ve found your favorites, you can add them to your restock list, which means there’s a special page with just your favorite items so you can quickly and easily finish your extra shopping. Door to Door Organics is even smart enough to start to add frequently bought items to your restock list as you shop and they learn your habits. I love easy, and not just because I’m lazy.

Have I piqued your interest yet?Door to Door Organics is working on it. In fact, TODAY October 10, they are giving away free apples and bitty boxes. Yes, completely free with no strings attached just because it’s fall and it’s fun. The boxes will be full of local goodies, including, fair-trade coffee roasted fresh at the North Side’s Metropolis Coffee Company, hand-crafted bagels from local Red Hen Bakery, and Tiny But Mighty’s tender, heirloom Butter Popcorn. Plus, a generous selection of farm-fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

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You know you want some, right? Starting at 4:30pm TODAY, there are two free farm stands. Head over to the Deerfield Metra Station at 860 Deerfield Road (you just might see me there!) or the Highland Park Metra Station at 1800 St Johns Avenue. Truly, all you have to do is be there before they run out.

As for me, I’ll be happily anticipating my first box and debating what to make with the awesomeness inside! Want to join me? First time customers can get $10 off their first order using this Door to Door Organics signup link. Because who can’t use an extra $10, right?

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