Super Easy Holiday Card Display

December 19, 2013 by Michelle

If you haven’t received your Christmas card from me this year, you aren’t alone.  I actually ordered them on time (for me).  I ordered them 11 days ago, and they just shipped yesterday. They were getting lots of tender loving care, but on the plus side, they did arrive this afternoon, so now any delay is all my fault.  And no, I haven’t written my letter yet, found my Christmas card list, printed labels, and… they may really be new year’s cards.

It seems like I’m in the minority, though.  I’ve been receiving card after card after card from friends who are more on top of it (do I get to blame the move still?).  We started a great tradition a few years ago with regards to the cards we receive from others.  Too often they end up in a pile where we look at them once and then they get forgotten.  Or we try to set them up on a table, but you don’t want to know how often they get knocked over.

I finally came up with a solution for the perennial debate over what to do with all the cards we receive.  The good news is that it’s a quick and easy fix that looks great and can work in any room or home.

How to display your holiday cards

It requires no decorations or items that take up storage space until next year.  It works in any room on any space, and it costs less than $3 for materials you can use year after year.  It works no matter what kind of card you’ve received, and you can rearrange it to your heart’s content throughout the season so you can easily see your favorite cards together.

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  • Alissa |

    Love the tree and the cards. Merry Christmas. My post wasn’t a video today, but at least I posted something. It’s been ages. Love your post.

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