It’s hard to believe, but I’m almost done with my holiday shopping. And by “almost done” I mean that I know what I plan to buy everyone. This is a first, and the shopping part is getting even easier. eBay recently came out with their Holiday Gifting App, a Facebook app that allows you to create gift lists for everyone.

The best part was that it was a quick and easy way for the wee ones to choose some (more) items they’re interested in.  I quickly opened the app, entered their names and ages, and let them have at it.  They were able to easily drag and drop items they wanted into a virtual shopping list.

Easy to drag and drop items

The wee ones were thrilled by how easy it was to find items they liked.  You’ll notice a lot of Angry Birds items heading onto both lists.  And Legos, of course.  The binoculars surprised me, but this is also how I find out about items they’re interested in that I might not hear them talk about otherwise.

I was happy to see that even though I selected that Little Miss was a seven year old girl, the toys shown weren’t all simply “girl” toys, which would not have made her happy.  However, I noticed eventually that for both wee ones the items were both too young and too old for them (Yo Gabba Gabba for my nine year old boy?) and not gender specific (he’s also not interested in Dora or Disney Princesses).  I would have loved to see the choices a little more fitting.

The wee ones didn’t care, however.  They loved creating their lists which were then sent “to the North Pole” at which point I received two emails.  One was to the child thanking them for sending on the list and letting them know that elves are hard at work reading through all the lists that have been sent in.  The other was to me with another copy of the list, encouraging me to send it to family and friends – a good way for the grandparents and aunts and uncles to get exactly what the wee ones want!

Email from eBay's holiday gift guide for family and friends

Nifty, right?

Next up was creating the gift lists for my friends and family.  Via the same eBay Holiday Gifting app, I can add others I need to shop for, from my husband to my mom to my sister-in-law and more.

Adding friends and family to eBay's holiday gifting app

Adding them was easy.  And since I know exactly I wanted to get them, the next step should have been easy, too.  It wasn’t quite as easy.  I couldn’t figure out how to easily search for items I know I wanted to buy them from a computer monitor for my husband (shh, don’t tell him) to a new iPad case for my dad to jewelry for my sister.  In fact, the items that showed up were often not appropriate for the people I put in at all, and there was no way to say that they were for a 65 year old man or 40 year old woman to help narrow the items.

Items shown for my husband via eBay's holiday gifting guide

Much as he might appreciate an Acer laptop, I’m pretty sure that he isn’t interested in a Leapfrog Leapster or a Gigakid.  If I could have searched for items or sorted them better, it would have made for an easier experience.  I did find some items that I was interested in when scrolling through that I might not otherwise have discovered, and that is always a good thing.

When I saw something that was potentially interesting, I would have loved to be able to click on the item to get more information.  The way it’s set up, clicking on it (anywhere, not just on the “add to gift list” automatically adds it to your gift list.  Once it’s in your gift list, you can click to see the details of the item listing, and if it isn’t what you want, it’s easy to delete.

I appreciate that I can create the gift lists and no one sees them but me.  I’m always afraid to write anything down for fear that a recipient will see what I’ve come up with and thus ruin the surprise.  This is a nifty feature, and being able to selectively share the lists the wee ones created is a help, too.  Buying couldn’t be easier, either.  Simply click on the “buy now” button on the items in the gift guides, and you’re taken directly to the item in the eBay site – you can quickly and easily shop either from the regular eBay site or on the eBay mobile app.

And of course there are (potential) gifts for you, too.  With the launch of the eBay Holiday Gifting App, eBay created a Holiday Gift Shop sweepstakes.  Anyone who creates a wish list, whether for themselves or for a child, will be entered to win.  Each day, eBay will select someone who will receive an item from their list.  Now that’s my kind of Christmas shopping.  Plus, entrants can also win eBay gift cards.

So what’s on your wish list this year?  Me?  I  want a Black & Deck smart battery charger.  And oh is there a story behind that one.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was compensated to write this post by Splash Creative Media on behalf of eBay.  That said, all opinions remain my own.

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