This is a post sponsored by Sears Home Services in exchange for providing my thoughts on an energy efficient roof.
Tips to ensure you have an energy efficient roof. When is it time to get for a new roof and what to look for in your contractor.

Home ownership is a beautiful thing. There are so many benefits,  but there are definitely challenges that come with along with the joys. When something goes wrong, there’s no one to call to magically fix it. You have to decide what to invest in and when things need replacing. Some choices are easy. When our dishwasher broke in May, we bought a new one. Other’s not so much. When you watch the ceilings or roof nervously every time it rains though, that may be a clue.

Typically roofs last 20 to 25 years. In our old house, build in 1993, the roof was still in great shape when we sold it in 2014. The roof on our current house was put on in 2005, and I already have a call in to replace it ASAP. We have the trifecta of roof issues, we’ve discovered. Hail damage was the impetus to call to verify that yes, we do in fact need a new roof (thank you, insurance company!). In addition, we discovered that we have poor attic ventilation and the roof was installed improperly. Apparently the flashing was “forgotten” when the shingles were put on, which means we may have water going where it shouldn’t. Awesome, right?

The good news is that I called Sears Home Improvement to schedule an estimate, and our roof will soon work for us instead of against us. An energy efficient roof can help lower monthly heating and cooling bills, which saves me money, in addition to keeping the interior of the house more comfortable.

How to Create an Energy Efficient Roof

Reflect! Did you know that there are heat reflecting roofing materials? I didn’t either, but you can bet that we’ll be looking into them when we replace our roof. My pitched asphalt roof can use cool asphalt shingles that are made with specially coated granules that do a better job of reflecting solar heat. Lighter colored materials also help, as you remember from elementary school science that dark colors absorb heat, right? Look for materials that meet California’s Title 24 standards and are ENERGY STAR qualified. Bonus? You can earn tax credits by doing so!

Insulate! I know this is an issue in our home. We’ve found poor insulation already in other locations in our house (part of why our kitchen pipes froze anytime the temps got below 10 degrees – and we live in Chicago!), and the attic needs help, too. Sears Home Improvement can recommend the proper insulation for your own. A radiant barrier is a metallic barrier sprayed to the underside of the roof decking to reduce heat transfer. Cellulose insulation (the kind that gets blown in) helps a ton, too. I can’t wait to see what Sears recommends for us. This will make a huge difference in our second floor where we lose heat in the winter and roast in the summer.

Ventilate! I’m guessing ventilation is also an issue for us. I’d be willing to bet that we have insulation blocking soffits. And I’d also bet that we don’t have adequate ventilation even without that. We’re ready to install a solar attic fan, too, in an effort to reduce the heat in the summer (and we found one that has a winter setting, too!). Regardless, Sears handles this when they install a new energy efficient roof, and I’m waiting with bated breath to hear their recommendations. I can’t wait to have a more comfortable house and energy efficient roof.

How to Replace Your Roof

This is the stage we’re in right now. The good news is that Sears offers same day or next day appointment availability for most roofing replacement projects. If you are replacing your roof because it’s simply old, this is a quick and easy process. You simply schedule online, and someone comes out lickety split.

If you are replacing your roof and insurance is involved (that would be us – thank you, hail), go through your insurance company first to verify that you qualify for roof replacement. Then when you contact Sears, they will have a specialist come out who will also look for structural damage and other hidden issues that insurance adjusters may have missed. Because this is a special group, you’ll get a call to set up the appointment within 24-48 hours.

Sears will measure and inspect your roof, then provide recommendations as part of the free consultation based on your needs and budget. If you decide to go forward with using Sears, they manage the entire project, so you have no headaches. They procure any needed permits. They measure the roof, order the materials, and install your energy efficient roof. Project management is off your plate!

Special Offers for An Energy Efficient Roof

Right now, Sears is offering $500 off roofing purchases of $1,500 or more. You have until October 31, 2016 to take advantage of this offer. Sadly, I know my roof will qualify for that, but I’ll happily take the discount!

You can also qualify for federal energy tax credits, and you know I’ll apply for those! You can receive a credit of 10% of the cost of your roof (excluding labor) up to $500. They have to be ENERGY STAR certified and have a Manfacturer’s Certification Statement to qualify. Then, file tax form 5695 next year, and if you meet the requirements, that’s another savings for you.

Sears also has special offers for other home improvement categories. You can take advantage of these special offers and apply those savings to your energy efficient roof. It’s a win win all around, right?

Do you have an energy efficient roof? And do you know how to maintain it to maximize its life?

Replace your roofing with an energy efficient roof


  • Sara Phillips

    New roofs are going in all over here because we had two CRAZY rounds of hail. I have learned so much in the last few weeks but I didn’t know about this discount at Sears! Thanks for the info!

    • Michelle

      Oh I’m so sorry to hear about all the hail. That was our issue, too! It’s amazing the amount of damage they can do!

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