Fit Update: Week 30 aka Exercise Is Fun

August 12, 2013 by Michelle

So I just got off a cruise ship after spending a week aboard.  And I was on vacation before that, and I am still on vacation.  There is no gym in sight.  Last week, I had planned to head to the fitness center aboard the cruise ship to take some of the free classes they offered.  I was really interested in the abs one, but the one morning it was offered at 7:30am, I couldn’t quite convince myself to get up and go.

And we had originally planned that we would explore islands in a fairly laid back manner.  That changed, and we spent our cruise snorkeling and swimming and walking and exploring and more.  In fact, the night we got back from walking St. Maarten up and down for hours plus time spent swimming in the ocean, I actually was a little sore.

Wait, what?

Yep.  And all that time I’ve spent in the ocean with the wee ones in San Juan where I’ve been swimming and picking them up and helping them body surf into the beach and playing with them in the water?  And the walking to restaurants for dinner and the playing in the pool and more?  All that is (shhh) exercise.

I forgot that exercise can be fun.  I forgot it’s the playing I used to do as a kid, the running around and doing everything but sitting all day long.  And I love doing that stuff.  I’ve been completely tuckered out every single night I’ve been on vacation – struggling to stay awake even close to my normal bedtime – and I’d simply blamed it on being in the sun and near the ocean air.

Really, it’s because I’ve been exhausting myself physically with all the activity.  Tonight will no doubt be the same.  We visited the rainforest El Yunque today.  Our visit didn’t consist of the drive through that my dad had initially suggested.  No, we wanted to walk through some of it and explore it.  There were amazing waterfalls to be found, and you were allowed to climb on rocks nearby to get closer to them.

Water falling in El Yunque

We hiked the La Mina trail to get to the largest waterfall I’ve been close to so that we could swim in the pool at its base.  It was a twenty plus minute hike down to get to the bottom and almost a half hour to make it back up – after playing in the pool at the bottom for awhile.

While hiking, we saw butterflies flitting around that were gorgeous.  We saw a gigantic rock that was painted orange with some symbol that meant nothing to me but I’m sure had meaning.  We passed abandoned picnic pavilions that had been sadly desecrated with grafiti, although others remained pristine and ready for use.

Abandoned picnic structure in El Yunque

I spent much of the day in awe, seeing sights I rarely see.  We climbed to the top of a 1,500 foot observation tower to look out at the surrounding area and marvel at the power of nature, and the wee ones thought it was just as cool as the rest of us did.

Mountains in El Yunque

And my eyes were opened as I felt my heart beating more rapidly and my calves tightening as we climbed just a little bit more.  I was getting a workout.  And it was really different from my expectation at home, but my vacation hasn’t been a waste.  I haven’t been getting more and more sluggish, laying on a chair and enjoying local delicacies, defeating my goals.

One of 79 varieties of orchid in El Yunque about to bloom

Nope, I’ve been having fun exploring the beauty of the areas where I’ve visited, and I’ve gotten my exercise in.  So yeah, no wonder I’m ready for bed by 8pm!

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  • Maria

    So excited for you that you have had a great time and were able to stay within your goals. Can’t wait to hear more about it and see all the wonderful photos from your trip. Miss you! 🙂

  • tracey

    Beautiful! So jealous.

    I try to think of graffiti as modern man’s attempt to leave a trace of himself for the future. We don’t look at the cave drawings of bison and horses in France as graffiti. Just human beings doing what human beings have always done: trying to be remembered.

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