I love Christmas songs.  I refuse to listen to them until after my birthday (the official start to the Christmas season, ya know), but once I get in the mood, you’ll find me humming them constantly.  And today?  You get to hear me sing two of my favorites.  Why?  Because Erin Lane of A Parenting Production asks the #VlogMom question:

What is your favorite holiday song – with bonus points if you sing it – and why?

So of course I had to sing.  The vlog is long today, almost four minutes, but you get to hear me sing.  Twice.  So it’s totally worth it, right?  I have no idea what my hair is doing, so just close your eyes please.


  • Amiyrah

    You sang twice! You brave girl. I’d never heard the second one. It’s beautiful.

    • Michelle

      I did sing twice. I don’t know if that was brave or just dumb, but… it’s all for fun, right? 🙂 I love Let There Be Peace On Earth, and I love that we sing it for the school concert all together.

  • Erin Lane

    Oh, I love both of those!!! I sang “peace on earth” in high school too! It was the BEST!

    • Michelle

      I love that it’s a song with staying power, you know what I mean? And thankfully it isn’t an ear worm!

  • Melisa

    OMG you are BRAVE.
    Nice job on the singing.

    The hair? Ummmm…
    I may have to call you and laugh about it. haha!

    • Michelle

      Thank you for calling me to laugh about my hair. I really have no idea what it was doing. Or why. Or how. I need a personal stylist.

  • Fadra

    BRAVE is the word for you. You like the serious slow songs too! I like the more upbeat Christmas song. And no Mannheim Streamroller for me. No thanks.

    • Michelle

      I don’t know that it’s just that I like the serious slow songs, but those were the ones that I could sing and think of. After I posted this I kept doing the “oh, but what about X!” I’ll keep the Mannheim Steamroller to myself then.

  • Rachee

    Both songs were really nice but I’m with Fadra. The faster, upbeat songs are my kinda carols. I will add them to the rotation. There does need to be some chill time.

    • Michelle

      I like listening to the upbeat ones. On Friday I was at a friend’s helping her with her tree and I kept telling her to change the channel to get more upbeat Christmas songs. It’s funny, I didn’t even notice how slow these were until you all pointed it out. Maybe my brain only works enough for me to sing the slow ones. The fast ones are beyond my capacity?

  • Laura

    You have made my day! Love it. Thanks for sending the link so I would not miss this awesomeness. I too love both those songs. My all time faves are – What child is this – and – White Christmas – but I don’t think I will be singing them on a vlog… Wine would have to be involved and that is off the menu for a while.

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