Fit Update: Week 4

February 4, 2013 by Michelle

I remember now why it is that I hate weighing myself.  In fact, I remember why I haven’t replaced the batteries in my bathroom scale in almost four years.  It’s depressing.  Why is it depressing?   In my case – in my head at least, and I think in reality, too – I’m doing what I should be doing.  I’m doing some intense cardio and strength training and I’m tracking what I’m eating and eating well.  So what happened this past week?  I gained over three pounds, according to that scale.

Really?  I don’t think so.  Whether it’s water I’d drunk or a different outfit or muscle mass that I’m building or bloating or a combination of all of the above plus more, it isn’t accurate because there’s no way.  And realistically, I know that.  Hello, I didn’t eat 9,000 calories the entire week, so how could I have ingested 10,500 more calories than I burned this week (every pound is 3,500 calories)?

But it’s still depressing.  That’s why I keep reminding myself that this journey isn’t about losing weight.  This journey is about being fit and confident in who I am and strong – again.  I feel like I’m headed that way.  I’ve gotten into a routine with exercising, although I know I need to evaluate what I’m going to do in another four weeks when the fit challenge I’m doing ends.

I’ve been attending my classes – cardio kickboxing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the cardio challenge classes Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I’ve even figured out how to make time for them when the wee ones don’t have school – something I’m proud of.  Even better, I’ve long since moved away from the 4 pound balls and yellow resistance bands that we used the first day of class.  Depending on the exercise, I’m using either a red or a green band, and up to a 12 pound ball.  It’s nice to see tangible progress like this, and that makes me happy.

After tracking my food, I realized last week that I am first of all not eating quite enough calories and that I need to eat more veggies.  I bought the veggies last week, and I’m proud to say that I’ve been eating them.  A lot of them.  When I ate out with friends last Tuesday, I ordered a salad – half of which I saved and ate for dinner.  I made a salad for my own lunch Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – and I just finished the one I made for myself.  For our FnB meeting on Thursday, I was lucky that my friend cut up veggies and made hummus, with guacamole and some salami, too.  I am pretty sure I got my veggie quota in – and I love that I’m figuring out how to make it more of a routine.

My biggest issue was that I didn’t feel like making the veggies for myself. I  love eating them, but it’s too much of a pain.  I would rather have someone do it for me.  I’ve started to get over it – because it takes less than five minutes to cut up a ton of veggies that I can use for the next couple days.

Veggies for a salad cut up on a cutting boardI have a whole selection of veggies from my favorite local produce market that I can choose from – although I still haven’t boiled eggs, something I had intended to do for more protein – and I’ve  surprised myself at how quickly I can get these made.  They really fill me up, too, which is nice.  I may choose to have a mid afternoon snack, but that’s a good thing.  We’re supposed to eat every few hours.  Best of all, this is so healthy, and topping it off with just a little olive oil, a vinegar and a touch of salt satisfies me.

Did I mention that I eat a lot of it?  I actually have been getting out one of my mixing bowls and putting my salad in that.  All the more veggies I can fit, right?

Giant bowl of chef choice salad


So yay, right?  I’m going to ignore what the scale says and just do what I know what I’m supposed to do.  And maybe this week I should think about measuring myself again to see if that tells me more than the icky scale does.  My clothes aren’t fitting any differently really, but I have faith.

And I do feel more fit.  I’m getting through my classes with ease – well more easily anyway!  Thanks for being my accountability.  What are you working on?  Share with me how you’re succeeding!


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