Resistance Bands hanging for class

Fit Update: Week 5

February 11, 2013 by Michelle

It’s amazing how getting into a routine becomes to easy once you’re in it.  And now I feel horribly guilty for not having made it to the gym for so long prior to starting the fit challenge at Mister Man’s tae kwon do earlier this year.  Except that it isn’t about feeling guilty.  That isn’t the point.

I’ve discovered that I’m a class person.  I love the accountability and the time commitment of a class.  I love the comraderie of classes.  I love that I’m not doing it along.  And I love the (self-imposed) shame of not being able to stop because no one else is.  I found my thing.

I’ve gained muscles.  I actually am starting to have defined arms.  Little Miss will “swing” my mom’s arm because there is no tone to it, telling her it’s like bread dough.  I don’t want her doing that to me (and granted, I’ve told her that it’s not ok to do it to Grandma either, but Grandma tells her it’s ok).  And it’s kind of nice to feel like I’m making progress on that side.

I’ve started to get my veggies in.  I actually made my couscous salad for lunch on Saturday even though I was the only one at home simply because I wanted to eat some veggies and didn’t feel like a salad at the time.  I ate the last of it for breakfast today.  I love that I’m thinking about the composition of my food more, though that doesn’t mean I’m not eating something I want to.  On Saturday at my school’s gala, I ate that chocolate cake with the molten center and raspberry coulis because it was awesome – and I don’t feel badly about doing so.

I have graduated from the yellow bands of the first class to green and sometime red bands because I’m getting stronger.  And I have to say, that’s a pretty awesome feeling when I roll up the bands and they still don’t provide enough resistance.  That is such a great measure of progress.  I don’t do it purely for pride, however.  There are times I’ll drop down a band partway through an exercise because it’s getting too hard or even drop the bands entirely because that particular muscle is so fatigued that even moving it without any resistance is a challenge.

Resistance Bands hanging for class

And interestingly, I’ve found that going to my class when I have a headache actually helps.  Twice now I’ve had headaches and still forced myself to head into class.  Both times, by the time I was done with class my head felt better.  Not perfect, but better.  Apparently exercise and getting the blood flowing helps, which is so counter to what I would have expected – but I’m not going to complain.

My focus this week?  A better attitude in class.  I’m not mean or nasty or a whiner by any stretch, but there were two days last week (one of which when I had a headache, so I get a bit of a pass, right?) where I was so tired that I just sucked the energy out of the room.  Instead of dancing in place to the great playlist while we waited for the next circuit to start, I stood slumped with my head down and quiet.  And – not shockingly – those were two days where I didn’t get as much out of the class as I usually do.

I’m making it to the classes five  days a week without fail – even managing to get to the 8:30 class rushing once the bus leaves so that I can at least get part of a class in before a PTO meeting last week – but it isn’t just about making it to the class.  It’s about making the class, being the class, getting the class.  I need to grab as much out of it as I can.

And after a four hour nap yesterday, I think I might be ready today… but we’ll see.

How are you doing with your goals for the year?  Are you finding that you need to alter them a little, or are you on track?

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  • Mandee

    Yay! It sounds as if you are off to a great start! And now that you are going to be taking part in the Shaklee 180 program you should be able to hit all of your goals—no problem! I’m so excited to Congratulate and welcome you into the program! I was one of the last set of bloggers in the program, and let me tell you, it is wonderful and I had great success with it! Can’t wait to follow you on this journey! 🙂

    • Michelle

      Thanks, Mandee! I’m so excited to do the Shaklee 180 program and see what happens from there. Thank you so much for your support. I’ll definitely have to check out what you’ve done and how you liked it. I’d love any advice you have to share.

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