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I hate shopping for swimsuits.  And I know I can’t be the only one.  I tend to avoid it like the plague, especially as my weight has crept up a bit.  It’s just easier to avoid it.

Instead, I have a set of three or so swimsuits that I rotate through all summer long.  I wear them until they wear out – literally the last time I bought swimsuits was because the one I was wearing shredded and fell apart.  It’s only when I truly have to that I go swimsuit shopping because it’s always something that makes me depressed.  That one isn’t flattering, that’s an old lady suit, that shows this part of my body, and so forth.  And it’s always under those florescent lights that make everything look worse.

Instead, I have my uniform.  I wear a swim skirt and then some sort of a tankini top.  It works well for me because it hides a lot, and it still allows me to go to the bathroom without completely undressing, something I hate to do when at the pool.  So yeah, they’re a little old ladyish but they cover me up.  And I’ve worn the ones I have for two seasons and am going into my third season.


Except when I put on my suits last week when it was finally warm enough to go to the pool in Chicago, I realized that they sort of don’t fit anymore.  With the Shaklee weight loss program I’m doing, I’m really starting to see some results – which is a good thing.  It isn’t just that clothes are fitting better (because I refused to buy another size up as my weight went up a pound here and a pound there for four years), but there are some clothes that simply don’t fit right at all anymore.

I’m super bummed that my favorite pair of jeans are really too big now and are starting to droop where they shouldn’t.  It’s bittersweet because it’s good news that there has been such a difference for me.  I’m six pounds away from my goal weight.  I have other jeans though; it’s the swimsuits that are the problem.


My swimsuits are gapping where they really shouldn’t.  I love that my tummy isn’t pushing out against them, but that means nothing else is either.  I am not quite ready to put on a bikini, but I’m realizing that I need to go find a new suit.  Or two.  And I think I’m ready to try out some new styles to see what I can find that’s flattering to me having lost almost 15 pounds.  I’ll still probably walk out of the dressing room somewhat depressed because I’m comparing myself in my head to 15 year old models, but I have confidence that I’ll find something that makes me look good.

And that’s going to feel pretty good.  This is the first time I’ve looked forward to swimsuit shopping since I was a teenager – and I’d better do it before I get any more tan lines!



  • Pat

    Fun! I so rarely wear a swimsuit any more that mine last a really long time. I’m back to a one-piece black swimsuit that I bought in 1999. I’m so uncool.

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