Fit Update: Week 28 aka Back On Track

July 29, 2013 by Michelle

Shaklee Disclosure

I spent this past weekend at BlogHer.  And I planned to stay healthy while I was there.  I brought my Shaklee meal bars and snack bars.  I even remembered to bring my energizing tea and my metabolic boost caplets.  The thing I didn’t remember to bring?   Willpower.

Sign from BlogHer showing sessions

It’s interesting that last week I wrote about willpower and how willpower is a finite resource, so I have to be careful to plan so that I don’t sap all my mental energy that then leaves me with nothing left to combat my cravings.  So couple a lack of sleep with some major PMS cravings with overstimulation and stress of trying to be at the right place at the right time while talking to people nonstop and I fell down completely.

This past weekend, I didn’t:

a) Drink enough water
b) Eat more than a single Shaklee meal
c) remember my metabolic boosts
d) stop eating when I wasn’t hungry

Instead, from Thursday morning until Sunday midday, I:

a) drank all sorts of sweet alcohol that contains a ton of sugar and calories (although generally just one a night)
b) ate whenever something looked good – and there were a lot of parties that had a lot of good looking food
c) skipped meals because I wasn’t focused on what I should be doing
d) started to eat food that wasn’t good and didn’t always stop myself from finishing it if it wasn’t worth it

Daily's cocktails on ice at BlogHer

Instead of beating myself up over it and regretting the croissant I at at the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the Hancock building or wishing I hadn’t tried the amazing sliders at the Hard Rock Cafe or wished I had skipped the salsa and guacamole snacks at the Expo Hall, I recognized that this weekend was a complete aberration for me.  I don’t normally eat that way, grazing through the day whenever something looked good rather than focusing on creating meals and snacks when I was hungry.  I wasn’t carrying a bottle of water with me everywhere I went, and the headache I had Sunday afternoon attested to that.

And rather than write off what I did this weekend and mark myself a failure, I’m taking mental note.  When I was at the fashion show after party, I hung out on the dance floor and didn’t go near any tables with food because I wasn’t hungry.  When I was at the Come As You Are party, I was thirsty so instead of guzzling the wine offered to assuage my thirst, I found water (eventually – and after a lot of searching).  And I did realize that I grazed and snacked.  I didn’t completely overdo it, but I didn’t watch myself either.

Hanging out at BlogHer

Lesson learned.

And coming back into reality, I’m doing a little bit of a detox.  I’m pretty sure I drank near 200 ounces of water yesterday.  My body needed it.  And I’m back to my smoothies and a healthy dinner.  With lots of water.  And my energizing tea in the morning, coupled with the metabolic boost throughout the day.  I didn’t have a snack earlier this afternoon because I wasn’t hungry, but my stomach just growled, so I’ll go have one now.  Rather than the tempting option of dipping pretzels into Nutella (ummm yeah), I know I have cherries in the fridge that I bought.  And my water bottle needs filling.

I haven’t gone near the scale today, and I’m a little afraid to.  I took a step back this weekend when I was away and didn’t do a good job of sticking to my plan the way I did at Blissdom, but I think I understand why that is – and that’s what will help me not just get back on my plan but stick closer to it the next time I’m in a similar situation.

It isn’t a failure.  It’s a temporary setback.  I made some poor choices, but I’m not a bad person.  I didn’t listen to my body this weekend, but that doesn’t mean I won’t reach my goal.  And that – the forgiveness, is a critical lesson.  I’m picking myself back up after I fall.  And with your help, I’ll keep striding along until I get there.

I'm not failure - I'm so much more

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  • Christina

    Part of any weight loss program is learning how to cope with these kinds of situations. I think trying to restrict yourself from all of the fun stuff is dangerous and can set you up for failure. Giving in now and then to some of the fun, then getting back on track, makes it easier to drop the weight, at least in my experience.

    You still looked fantastic, though, so I don’t think you have anything to worry about from a single conference weekend of indulgence! 🙂

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