Fit Update: Week 36 aka I’m Not A Spinner

September 20, 2013 by Michelle

I said that I was going to try spin class again.  I know how many people absolutely love it, and it’s great exercise.  The results I’ve seen from those who are spinners is pretty impressive, too.  I know I love dance classes of all sorts and circuit training and kickboxing, but lately I’ve been doing mostly Zumba.  The gym I go to doesn’t offer some of the other dance type classes that I’ve done and enjoyed from soul grooves to belly dancing and more.  And the only cardio kickboxing is on Sunday during church.

I know variety of exercise is a good thing because it helps keep my body off balance and works different muscle groups that all need to be worked.  I had tried the step class a couple weeks ago and didn’t like it, although I feel like I should give it another chance.  A big reason why I didn’t like it was because I was lost in the movements because the class went to fast for me who’d never done it before.

That inspired me to give spin another chance.  You see, I had tried spin once before.  It was maybe four years ago, and it didn’t go well.  After you donate blood, you aren’t supposed to do anything too strenuous for 24 hours.  So 26 hours after donating blood, I did a spin class.  Within minutes, my vision was tunneling, and my ears were ringing.  I was close to passing out.  My vision would fade to black, even as I was barely pedaling at all on the easiest tension.  At that point, I debated whether I was better off passing out while strapped to the bike or climbing off and passing out next to the bike.  It was that bad.

Eventually my vision cleared to just a dark grey and I managed to get off the bike and head into the locker room where I sat with my head between my knees for a good twenty minutes before I was recovered enough to sit up again.  Shockingly, I didn’t try spin again after that – until last week.

Spin class on the outside looking in

I got to the class, and the instructor adjusted everyone’s bikes who was new to spinning, and I wasn’t the only newbie.  She explained how the bikes adjusted tension and how you could tell how difficult the gear was, and she emphasized that we had to listen to our bodies to know where our own “7, 8, and 9” was on a scale of difficulty.  She pumped the music, and we were ready to go.

We all faced forward and pedaled.  She’d tell us if we were working on strength or endurance or speed, where we were to aim our RPMs – the focus for that day’s class – and how challenging it was to feel.  Then she’d tell us how many seconds we were supposed to be pedaling.  That was the class for an hour.

To be honest, I felt a little claustrophobic.  Attached to the bike that wasn’t going anywhere, I felt trapped which was a sensation that surprised me.  When I’d done the spin class previously, there was a screen at the front of the class that showed a visual of “where” we were biking that I remember being more pleasant.  And there was something about the instructor that was more motivating.

By the end of class, my legs were exhausted – because I did push myself – but I missed the feeling of movement and feeling like I’d exercised any part of my upper body.  I was disappointed.  I’d hoped to fall in love with spinning like so many others I know.  I didn’t, and I spent most of that hour staring at the clock hoping it was almost over.

I still feel like I need to give step another try so that I can get used to it.  And there are good and bad Zumba instructors, and I know how much that can affect my enjoyment of a class (right now, I’m going to skip Tuesday Zumba because the instructor is just not cutting it).  Maybe a different spin instructor would help, so I’m not totally writing it off.  Yet.  But I’m pretty sure I’m not a spinner.

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