Fit Update: Week 41 aka Use It Or Lose It!

October 21, 2013 by Michelle

Since I joined the gym again when the school year started, I’ve been “good” about going (I hate using the word good to describe my eating and exercise habits) on a regular basis.  That said, sometimes life happens.  Sometimes I have a PTO meeting or an appointment or I’m out of town or there’s something that keeps me from going to the gym when classes are available – and we all know that I’m a class kind of gym girl.

And sometimes these little things just “happen” to be one after the other, which means I don’t go as regularly as I should or as I actually want to.  The beginning of October was tough for me.  I was gone for Type A Conference for several days, then I had 2 PTO meetings, and so forth.  By the time I made it back to the gym, it had been over a well over a week since I’d had a serious workout.

Reminder to go to the gym

I stepped right into my usual Zumba class with the oh so fun instructor who does a nonstop class, thinking absolutely nothing of it.

Huh.  I was really, really winded as class went along.  I was shocked to see how quickly I had lost some of my fitness level.  I was tired and my muscles didn’t respond the way I expected them to.  I was disappointed – both in myself and at how quickly progress I’d made was lost.

Just because the class was harder for me than it normally was didn’t mean that I gave up, though.  I continued on the best I could knowing that the class for me is about me and not about what everyone else is doing.  I don’t pay attention to others when I’m totally with the class and others are falling behind, and the same holds true when I’m the one falling behind.

The next day, I went to the gym again and did another class and was back into my routine.  I hadn’t given up because of a setback, but the classes were definitely tougher.  I’m really, really happy that I stuck to my routine and didn’t give up the second that I lost ground.  Because the coolest thing is that I may have lost fitness quickly, but I also regained it much more quickly than I did initially.

Yeah my muscles got a little out of practice, but they remembered what it was like and what it took to be fit, and they got back there pretty quickly.  Because it was only a week after I hadn’t been to the gym that they canceled my yoga class and I stepped on the treadmill to run my shocking 8 minutes straight.

Once again, I’ll channel my high school days and be my own best cheerleader – and yours, too, if you want it – Don’t you ever get down, don’t you ever give up, fire up!

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