Dress and pants in a size 6 - go figure!

Fit Update: Week 49 aka I Bought Pants That Fit

December 16, 2013 by Michelle

So all the work I’ve done over the course of this year with paying more attention to what I’m eating, making a concerted effort to go to the gym and get in shape, and more has paid off.  I’ve known this for awhile.  I’ve heard things from friends who’ve noticed that I’ve lost weight, and obviously I know that many of my clothes no longer fit me.

When I went through my closet, I ended up with significantly fewer clothes.  Enough that it was hard to find clothes to wear to church, but even that wasn’t enough true motivation for me to go shopping.  I just… wasn’t ready.  For my birthday, my mom offered to buy me a new pair of black dress pants, good ones that I’ll be able to wear for a long time to come.

We finally went shopping for them yesterday.  And that’s when it sunk in, when it finally, really, truly sunk in.  I have lost weight.  My body shape is different.  And… I’m not the same size anymore.

I bought clothes in a size six.

I’ve never done that before.  Ever.  Not even as a teenager.  I never dreamed that I’d wear a size six and not feel like I was squeezing into it.  The pants needed to be a size six – they really needed to be.  The size 8s gapped and sagged where they shouldn’t.  And six months ago, I would have been thrilled to wear a size 8.  In fact, though my mom bought me the black pants, I bought myself a pair of pink jeans and a new dress, too.  I’m wearing the jeans right now, and they’re a size six without squeezing and pulling, no muffin tops spilling out over the edges and instead, they’re simply … fitting.

Dress and pants in a size 6 - go figure!I would never have worn that dress before this.  I avoided anything fitted in the waist like the plague.  It simply showed how much tummy I had.  And that neckline?  I needed every v-neck I could find to try to minimize myself.  But that dress?  It fits.  And not only does it fit, but it looks cute, too.

I’m still shocked by it, but I’m so proud.

This?  This is what you can do with hard work and perseverance.  It wasn’t a quick fix.  It wasn’t just changing one thing.  Instead, this was a months long project where I set a goal and stuck to it.  I had setbacks, but I never gave up, and it’s paying off.  It just goes to show what happens when you set your mind to something and keep at it.

Interestingly, I still have a few of the pants that I used to wear.  They’re on their way to be donated, but I haven’t gotten everything out yet – even though they’re in the “no, I don’t wear this anymore” section of the house.  Putting up these new pants next to the pants I used to wear?  Now that’s an even bigger surprise – and I’m even more proud of what I’ve accomplished.

Difference in pant sizes

I shouldn’t say that I’m proud of what I accomplished like it’s a done deal, however.  I know how easy it would be to accept my success and lose my vigilance.  I had a disaster at home today that prevented me from going to the gym and even eating the breakfast I’d anticipated, but that was today.  I won’t slide into eating without thinking and skipping the gym when it isn’t convenient because it would be all too easy to slide back to the point that those pants fit far too easily.  I’ve done it before, but I refuse to do it again.

So yes, I’ll bask for a day in what I’ve accomplished because I never in my life thought I would truly buy a size six anything, but that’s just today.  Tomorrow I’ll be back in step class focusing on what I need to do that day rather than on looking back at yesterday’s success.

What have you accomplished this year?


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  • Pat

    Congratulations on achieving your goal…you have demonstrated great perseverance! I can’t think of anything spectacular that I have accomplished this year, but I did get some things done.

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