Fit Update: Week 6

February 18, 2013 by Michelle

So yay, I’m continuing to stay with my fitness goals, which makes me happy.  I’m really enjoying the classes I’ve been doing at the tae kwon do studio with cardio kickboxing MWF and circuit training TTh.  My big worry has been what I will do when my fit challenge ends after the first week of March.

I didn’t renew my gym membership when it came up at the beginning of February because I was doing the fit challenge, and all classes there cost extra.  Since I’ve figured out I’m a class girl, I need to decide what I’ll be doing in a few weeks.  Fortunately, I think I have a solution, and I’m a little excited about it.  The wee ones’ school had their adult dinner dance recently, and several raffles/auctions included fitness-related items.  I was most excited about a center relatively near me that I’d never heard of before – and I won the raffle for a two month membership.

I got even more excited as I looked at the schedule – although I was slightly disappointed that classes are only 45 minutes instead of the 60 I’ve gotten used to.  They have Zumba, Latin Fitness, and Belly Dancercise six days a week, at times I should be able to make it most weeks.  All those classes are dance related classes, which I adore because I love to dance (yes, I even dance in my cardio kickboxing class between punches) and they burn a ton of calories because you’re moving all the time.  One of the classes I most miss from the old gym I used to belong to was my belly dancing class.  I may not have been great at it, but I did it two to three times a week and adored it.  There is also a Stretch and Strength class, sadly only offered once a week, that focuses on strengthening and toning, using some Pilates techniques (perfect for me given my interest in Pilates).

So that’s the good news, right?  For two months, I know where I’ll be going after my fit challenge has ended.  This is another almost ten minutes from my house, so I’m already mentally gearing up to force myself to go and find the time.  And I’m disappointed that the Strength and Stretch class is only offered Mondays now – on the schedule they included with the raffle donation, it had been offered four times a week.  I was actually anticipating attending the Strength and Stretch immediately following the dance class a two or three times a week.  But I’m ok with that – and I am really looking forward to dancing more.  I just have to cross my fingers that I love the instructors because they make a huge difference.

And I’ve really only kicked the decision down the road two months.  I will still need to figure out what I’m doing after that.  I know I don’t want a no frills place.  And I’m really going to miss the friends I’ve made over the past six weeks when I move to the dance studio. I’ve enjoyed working out with them and chatting before and after class.  We’ve created a great camaraderie, and it will be hard to give that up.  There’s another gym relatively near me that includes classes in their monthly membership that I may look into, but… I’ve got time.

I also have some other good news to share… but I’ll save it for next week.  Suffice it to say that I’m excited about an opportunity.

Related to that, I was given a brilliant idea last week.  When I was focused on losing weight four years ago, I set goals for myself where I gave myself (relatively) little rewards that were not food based.  This time around, I hadn’t done anything like that, but one member suggested a dollar jar.  Every time we work out, add a dollar to the jar – ours to spend as we please both as a reward for keeping to our goals and as a visual reminder of all that we’re doing.

I. Love. That. Idea.

So I’m doing it.  I decided it wasn’t really fair to add money for workouts that I did prior to starting the jar – because hey, I’ve been working out at least five times a week for six weeks now! – but even just in the past several days, I’ve been able to start adding to my jar.  And it feels pretty good.  I have no idea what I’ll spend it on yet, and you know I have a hard time spending money on myself.  But this is guilt free, and I love seeing it grow.  What I’m really looking forward to is having to get a bigger jar because this one is stuffed too full.

Jar filled with money as incentiveAnd it’s based on the effort, not the result.  And right now?  I need the effort.  The results aren’t exactly what I was hoping for… but more on that next week.

I’m staying accountable thanks to you.  I am sticking with the goals I set back in January.  How about you?  Link up below and share how you’re sticking with your goals so that I can be your cheerleader, too!




  • Paula @ Frosted Fingers

    You’re doing great! I think I may have to start a dollar jar as well! My problem is never having cash on hand.

    • Michelle

      Thanks, Paula. I love the dollar jar – and you could always write yourself an IOU and then count it out later. I think I might have to do that when I run out of the change I ned 🙂

  • Pat

    Good for you, Michelle! I’ve never had a gym membership (my husband is extremely tight with a penny), but I do weights and stretches and resistance band 3 times a week at home. It helps a lot, especially for fighting bone loss, which happens to everyone as they age. I can do 10 standard push-ups, but normally I do 50 to 60 modified push-ups (formerly known as “girls’ push-ups”). I also walk briskly 4 to 5 miles about 4 or 5 times a week. Isn’t it interesting that strengthening your muscles strengthens your bones?

    • Michelle

      It definitely helps a lot. I keep talking to my mom about how she has to do weights and not just the walking. It’s amazing how quickly muscle and bone can deteriorate. I love what you do. You do an impressive amount of exercise – go you!

  • Lisa - Hannemaniacs

    It’s hard to decide what’s the next step, especially when you need to keep your momentum going. I just joined a gym and hired a trainer now that I know I’m done having kids. The money I spend on each is my motivator these days. 🙂

    • Michelle

      It is hard to figure out what to do next – especially since so many have contracts! I hope you love your gym, and I’m jealous as all get out of your trainer. I’ve never had one, and I can imagine the help it would be. I think the classes with a “pseudo trainer” there may be part of why I like them so much.

  • Kathleen

    I love the dollar in a jar idea. First, I need to get some dollar bills though. LOL

    I adore Zumba. An hour goes by so fast and is so much fun I don’t even notice that I am actually working out!

    • Michelle

      Yes! Zumba rocks, although it does really vary based on the instructor. I have some dollar bills, but I’ll be honest that I plan to cheat as time goes on. I’m going to have a running tally in my jar of what I owe it and then put in the money when I have correct change. No excuses that way, right?

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