Little Miss and I were invited to the Elmwood Park location of the Fruitful Yield chain as they prepped for their one year anniversary this coming weekend. We received a gift card to purchase some of our (her) favorite items, and also received a gift bag as thanks for our promotion of their one year anniversary, but we were not otherwise compensated. All opinions remain my own.

Fruitful Yield Health Foods

When Little Miss was 4 1/2 years old and we discovered that she had a dairy allergy, I was taken aback. What and how would she eat? Dairy is in everything. Or so I thought. Six years later, I’ve adjusted and so has she. We’re lucky that I cook from scratch a lot, as that makes ensuring we find dairy free options easier, but so many are finding not just dairy allergies but gluten sensitivities, soy allergies, and more. And it’s overwhelming. I’ve been there. I get that. And fortunately, so does Fruitful Yield.

Fruitful Yield is a health food chain with 13 locations in the Chicago area that is owned by the same folks who own NOW Foods (one of my favorite allergen friendly companies), but they sell far more than just NOW Foods products. While not every product is free of gluten or free of dairy, all the products and their ingredients have been vetted by the store’s buyers to meet their stringent standards. This is a much larger store than the local health food stores I’ve frequented in the past, which means more SKUs and more choices. The So Delicious ice cream Little Miss adores? I didn’t even know it came in a size larger than a pint. Little Miss was in heaven as explored.

Products to love at Fruitful Yield

Part of the challenge in adopting a gluten free/dairy free/non GMO/vegan/etc lifestyle is that it can be… expensive. You know I’m speaking truth. Fortunately, Fruitful Yield gets that, and they’re doing what they can to keep prices down and make eating the way we want – and need – to eat more affordable. Rather than spending money on advertising and marketing, they take those savings and reduce the in store prices. As a customer, I’m all for that! Over 85% of the items in the store are 25-35% below retail price every day. You can take a look at the tag and see the retail price and the Fruitful Yield price in blue that is a real savings. Even better, manufacturers will periodically provide additional discounts that bring prices to 35% below retail. Those are the fun sunburst tags showing the larger discounts.

Everyday low price at Fruitful Yield is 25-35 percent off

When I think of a health food store, I think primarily of the food items, but Fruitful Yield is so much more than that. They have the food, of course, in addition to the supplements and personal care items and more. Half the store is food items, while the other half is reserved for all the other items, and it’s an impressive array. As Little Miss and I wandered, we discovered products we’d never heard of before. A band that will repel insects rather than having to use a spray (even a homeopathic one)? I am all over that, and so was Little Miss. It was a tight race as she tried to decide which color to buy, and we can’t wait to try it out.

Find products you never knew existed

Part of the challenge of adopting a new lifestyle – with the admittedly more expensive products – is trying to ensure that what you buy is an item you will like. Fruitful Yield has three great ways to ensure that you’ll end up happy. They often have vendors come in to sample products. In fact, when we were there, the Vega rep was in the store with samples of their plant based protein powder. Little Miss loved several of the flavors, and because of the sampling, we ended up bringing home the French Vanilla product for me to use in smoothies for her.

Vendors often offer samples at Fruitful Yield

There are also select products that you can sample in store. We’ve used Barlean’s fish oil in the past, but finding the “right” flavor for the wee ones can be a challenge. Little Miss loved the fact that she could sample just a touch of the different flavors to figure out which one she’d be willing to take each day at home. She fell in love with the strawberry banana, which is one I would never have thought to buy.  This is the kind of detail that makes Fruitful Yield a truly special store.

Try out a flavor on some products at Fuitful Yield

And if you buy something and discover that the supplement doesn’t work for you, you can bring it back. Even after you’ve opened it. Just keep your receipt and bring back the container of the item you’ve tried within 30 days, and you can exchange it for something else. That is a great way to reduce the risk in trying something from Fruitful Yield, and you can bet that this makes me that much more likely to shop there on a regular basis.

On top of that, the Fruitful Yield Elmwood Park location has been open for a year, and they are celebrating! This coming weekend, head out to their location for all sorts of special events on both Saturday and Sunday. Stop in for cooking demos, gift bag drawings, various samples, as well as guest speakers on a variety of health topics. It’s a great way to get introduced to a new (soon to be favorite) store or the perfect time to visit an old favorite. Trust me. I saw the gift baskets being given away – you want to attend for the chance to win those alone!

Fruitful Yield Expo Information Elmwood Park

Have you ever shopped at Fruitful Yield? What are your biggest challenges when shopping at a health foods store?

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