Gym shoes that need to be used

Get Fit: Week 1 Update

January 14, 2013 by Michelle

Last week, I shared with you my realization – facing facts – that I am not happy with my fitness level.  It isn’t about losing weight, although that would be nice, but about feeling firm and toned and not being embarrassed by what I can or can’t do, courtesy my own personal standards.  I’m asking you to hold me accountable because without public sharing, it’s too easy to hide in the closet and pretend like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

Should I start by saying that it’s  nine degrees here in Chicago and I woke up at 4:35 this morning and I’m tempted to go curl up in bed and try to warm up?  I could, and that would be the easy excuse.  But that’s all it would be.  Nothing would change, and I would still go try on clothes at the store and look at them and try to figure out where the fat came from that has suddenly appeared under my shoulders.  It didn’t used to be there.

So instead, I am vowing to attend the Zumba class at my park district at 10:30 this morning.  After last week, I fully acknowledge that I may not be able to get through the class, but I love to dance so this is a great way to distract myself and get that workout in without cheating because there are people around me.  Yes, I’ve realized I need people around me to make me do what I should do.

Gym shoes that need to be used

So let’s talk about last week.

On Monday, I decided not to attend the Zumba class.  I knew that Tuesday would be my first fit challenge class, and given how sore I was from doing my one minute of sit ups and one minute of push ups, I was nervous about getting too sore to do the class.  And that gave me the excuse to do… nothing.  I got “busy” getting things done and didn’t even manage to get in the Kinect workout I’d told myself I was going to do.

Tuesday was the first fit challenge class.  It was fun, and they are a great group of women.  I unfortunately got dizzy about halfway through the class.  I’m not sure if it was because I was drinking too much water too fast, if it was from the twisting Kettle Ball passes we were doing, or if my body was protesting the nonstop movement.  I know my body, however, and I didn’t want to pass out in class, so I sat down with my head between my knees for a few minutes and then was fine and rejoined the class.  That right there is another heads up that I need to increase my fitness level.

On Wednesday, my quads were sore.  They weren’t terrible, but I could definitely feel them.  I kept moving, going up and down the stairs constantly, but I didn’t do an actual workout.  Why?  Because I was “busy.”  Interestingly, my arms and chest weren’t sore at all, and I was hoping for the pleasant “I worked hard” feeling in them.  I’m realizing that I need to use harder resistance bands and weights for my arms.  I still pick up and carry Little Miss regularly, and she climbs me like a monkey, even at her near 50 pounds now.  Apparently I at least have some strength there – and I want to be challenging myself.

Thursday, I had a PTO meeting that I had to attend partly because I’m on the executive board and partly because the district superintendent was speaking.  I didn’t simply skip the class, however.  I attended the 8:30 class, pulling out of my driveway the second the bus left with the wee ones and staying until I had to scoot to my PTO meeting.  I at least got half the class in, which was better than nothing.  I should have done something at home that afternoon, but I didn’t.

Friday I had FnB at my house, and that will be most of my Friday mornings, so my struggle will be ensuring that I do a workout of some sort on my own.  Once the FnB’ers left around 1pm, I ran errands and barely made it back before Mister Man got home.  This was the day where it became apparent to me that working out simply isn’t enough of a priority for me.  Yet.  On the plus side, I wasn’t at all sore on Friday, and I’m not sure whether to attribute that to doing simply half a class or to the fact that my muscles are accepting that we’re going to use them again.

Saturday and Sunday were mostly fails.  It’s always hard with the wee ones home, although they love to dance and play Kinect, so I should be doing this with them.  Instead, I spent hours outside with Little Miss going door to door in our neighborhood selling Girl Scout cookies.  While I did a lot of walking, and I burned a ton of calories trying to stay warm in the Chicago winter weather that has finally arrived, none of it was a workout.

In addition to working out, part of getting fit for me is fixing what I eat.  While I tend to make my food from scratch, I don’t always eat the most healthy things.  Last night?  I made a personal size chocolate stuffed bread for my husband and myself.  That’s not doing me any good.  And the cookies I ate because I wanted them out of the freezer?  Ditto.  Or the nachos I made because I didn’t “have time” to make dinner?  Ummm yeah.  I snacked on pretzels and Nutella on Friday while getting some work done before running out to do errands.  That was when I tried on a few clothing items and discovered the new fat store I’ve accumulated.  The pretzels and Nutella immediately went away when I got home.  Part of it is better meal planning, and I’m getting back into the swing of that.  Tonight is poached chicken and rice with my mole.  Tomorrow will be a crockpot soup – and that’s what I need to get back into doing.

One thing I have been good about is drinking water.  I’ve always been a water drinker.  I carry a refillable water bottle with me everywhere, but I don’t make a conscious effort with it.  A friend recently shared her “Sassy water” recipe with me that I believe comes from the Flat Belly Diet (hey, it can’t hurt, right?), and I’ve been making that for the last week.  My water is now infused with lemon, ginger, cucumber, and mint.  And because I’m swapping out two different color water bottles throughout the day, it’s more apparent to me how much I’m drinking – or not drinking.  On average, I am drinking probably 4 of the 28 ounce bottles, so I feel good about that.

Camelback filled with Sassy Water from the Flat Belly Diet

Accountability isn’t just about me, though.  I’m here for you, too!  I want to know what you’re trying to accomplish, not just in the world of fitness or weight loss but any goal you’ve set.  Are you trying to take a photo a day or improve your skills?  Do you have writing goals?  Are you focused on building a business?  Share with me what you’re doing in the linky below, and let’s cheer each other on – and keep each other honest.

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