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August 10, 2013 by Michelle

Product for Campaign Disclosure

It’s the middle of August, and we’re still on vacation.  When we get back, I’ll have four days before school starts.  To say that there will be a lot to cram into that short period is putting it mildly.  Going one step further and thinking about all the craziness that stays with us once school starts and we have after school activities, PTO meetings, committee work, co-op meetings, playdates, birthday parties, and more and I’m afraid my head might explode.

Fortunately, I know that if I stay organized, I can get everything done and maintain my sanity – which also makes me a better mom to the wee ones.  Finding the tricks and tools to achieve and maintain that organization is my goal, and Tiny Prints, a site I think of mostly for cards and photo gifts, now has some great products for back to school organization.  I’m a little excited.

I love that there are products to fit a variety of needs from kids and parents to teacher gifts and even college kids.  Whether you’re looking for a planner (yes, please), classroom wall art and decor, thank you cards, dorm wall art and decor, lined notebooks, iPhone or iPad cases, or more, Tiny Prints has you covered.  I have to say that I think my absolute favorite, though, are the allergy cards.

Allergy cards from Tiny Prints

Allergies have become so prevalent, and there are so many different allergies.  As the wee ones are getting older, they’re spending more and more time away from me, and it’s not always easy to explain Little Miss’s dairy allergy – or to keep track of some of their friends’ more complicated allergies like one boy who is allergic to wheat, dairy, corn, soy, bananas, sweet potatoes, strawberries, garbanzo beans, and more.  What a brilliant idea to be able to simply hand the card to a teacher or parent or to have them available for children to share when they’re headed out with friends.

Mommy contact cards from Tiny Prints

With all the PTO meetings I have and other meetings and work, I love having notebooks I can toss into my purse and use to keep track of things.  They are perfect for taking notes, making to do lists, creating shopping lists, and more.  As the wee ones are getting older, they’re starting to use notebooks like this, too, although they also enjoy just journaling or simply writing lists of people to invite to their birthday parties or gifts they want.  Tiny Prints has some very fun and cool notebooks that you can personalize, which helps us keep track of them at home and at school.  When they’re this unique and special, it’s hard to not know which one is yours!

Personalized fancy notebook from Tiny Prints

And yes, the PTO is a big part of my life.  Even though Little Miss is going into third grade and we’ve been there since kindergarten, there are plenty of parents that I don’t know yet.  As the 1st vice president, I oversee all the fundraising committees, and there are a lot of them from our carnival to the family dance to supplemental fundraising to book fair, and more.  I get deeply involved in each of these, and there are so many people who need to get ahold of me from volunteers for these committees to new classmates’ parents for playdates.  I love having cards with my contact information on them that I can just hand over.  It is so much easier than trying to find a piece of paper and writing the information down – and there’s a smaller likelihood of misplacing the information, too!

There are so many products to help us get and stay organized, that it’s hard to focus on just a few.  You have to check out the Tiny Prints back to school section to see all that they have available and choose your own favorites.  Good news?  Tiny Prints is having a Back to School Pin It to Win It Pinterest sweepstakes that runs through August 28.  You could win some great prizes.

Gift tags can be used to label school supplies

And of course, I have some prizes to give away myself.  I am going to have the fun of getting myself organized with 5 sets of 24 gift tag stickers, a 5×8 lined notebook, and 100 contact cards, but I’m not the only one who will enjoy those.  One of you will win an identical prize package that includes US shipping.  Fun, no?

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  • Christine

    I love the calling cards! There are so many that I like I’d have a hard time choosing if I won.

  • Beth

    I’m loving the teacher stationery. Would be a great gift for our fabulous teachers!

  • Jim Lipscomb

    I like the lunch box notes

  • brooke

    lunch box notes!

  • rod jackson

    love the personalized hello kitty stickers and the lunch box notes

  • Jim Lipscomb

  • Shauna

    I think the personalized teacher pads would be a cute teacher gift!

  • sonia smith

    I loved the rainbow stripped planner! Very pretty

  • Sidney

    I LOVE the labels. Having twins, we work hard to keep certain things separate. These labels would definitely help with that. Besides, they look way cooler than me writing their names with my Sharpie 🙂

  • Cherise

    Great Day Note Cards look cute!

  • Sidney

    I like you on facebook

  • Sidney

    I follow you on instagram, @HystericalMom

  • Samantha

    The Labels and teacher pads!

  • Johna Sommer

    Love love the Allergy cards. What a fun and easy way to keep safe

  • Maria @ A Savings WOW!

    My favorite Tiny Prints’ back-to-school is the Photo Memory Weekly Life Planner.

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