My hope for good hair is gone

Goodbye Forever, Good Hair Days

November 9, 2013 by Michelle

My hair – and I know I’m not alone in this – is very moody.  It chooses when and where to behave.  The rest of the time?  It does what it wants, and I swear it laughs at me.  Not in a nice way, either.

My hope for good hair is gone

I have some tricks.  I know what products help my hair.  I know avoiding humidity makes a big difference.  I know that letting my hair air dry works better than drying it most of the time.  Oh, and I’ve figured out that when my hair is longer, it tends to behave more.

Pregnancy was the best thing ever for my hair, but I’m not desperate enough to have more children just so I have periods of good hair.

The water I use to wash my hair makes a huge difference, too.  I never really thought about it through college and beyond.  I lived in Chicago, and all was well (no anti-pun intended).  Even when I bought my first house in the suburbs, things were still fine.  I simply and naively assumed that good hair was my right.

Then I moved out of the boundaries of Lake Michigan water.  I lived where towns had to drill their own wells to provide water.  Wow, what a difference that made.  Even with a water softener, my hair was not happy.  I learned to cope and to make adjustments, but I judged the places I traveled by my hair.  If I was somewhere that my hair liked, I knew it was due mostly to the water.  I lived for those days.

When we decided to move, one of the things I was most looking forward to was moving back into Cook County.  I’d done research, you see, about the water in Illinois and how it was provided.  Lake Michigan water was accorded to towns in Cook County but not beyond – or so I recalled.  While some houses we looked at had private well and septic, the majority were provided by the community.

Silly me, I thought all my problems were solved.  It wasn’t until this past Wednesday that I had the truth rudely knocked into me.  I’m not moving where the water comes from Lake Michigan.  I did poor research.  As hard as it was to leave this house that I love and the neighbors I adore and my neighborhood and everything about it, I was looking forward to day after day of good hair.

So the next time you see me, know that my hair is just playing a cruel trick and laughing at me.  Because it’s pretty bitter that we won’t have Lake Michigan water, too.

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  • Mrs4444

    I fear my hair issues are related more to age than water quality, but you do have me wondering…I wonder if it’d be worth buying distilled water or something–Maybe using that from a filter? Have you tried that?

  • Theresa Ledford

    Ugh, I have well water that has so much calcium in it that it turns my dishes white if I don’t use vinegar. I understand your pain. My hair is curly and dry and a friend of mine was styling it one day, she said “you have black-people hair”. Her being black, I assume she would know, but she put this oil stuff she had in my hair and it was sooo nice! At any rate, yes, my hair hates my water and if I am not exceedingly careful I come out looking like the illegitimate offspring of Don King and Shirley Temple.

  • Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy

    do you take prenatal vitamins? I had great prggo hair and nails too and the vitamins don’t give me the FULL effects of pregnancy but it makes a difference for sure.

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