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We’re music lovers in my house. In fact, I refer to my daughter as my music encyclopedia. I can ask her who sings just about any song, and she can pull it out just like that, and I love it. In fact, on her academic team, she may be the youngest, but they already defer to her on music questions. Does it surprise you to know that we listen to music in our house all the time?

When I’m whipping up dinner, I have music blasting as I dance around the kitchen. When we’re doing chores, whether it’s cleaning my kids’ bedrooms or putting away laundry, we listen to music to help pass the time. Usually that means turning on a clock radio or using my phone’s music streaming apps. It works, but… it isn’t exactly the high fidelity sound I grew up listening to.

We don’t listen to records anymore, and I can’t tell you the last time I played an actual CD. For us, music is virtual. I own a few wireless speakers that we use sometimes, but the quality is fine not great. It works nicely for parties, but we don’t tend to use them on a daily basis. When Best Buy sent me the Google Chromecast audio, they promised great things, but I admit I was a little skeptical. I changed my mind, and this device fully won my heart. I adore the tiny size. And yes, this tiny device truly delivers what it promises.

Tiny size of Google Chromecast audio

What makes the Google Chromecast audio different? Instead of connecting via Bluetooth, this device connects via wifi, which improves the sound quality. My favorite part is that I can connect multiple Chromecast audio devices togethe so the same song plays on multiple speakers. That’s perfect for when we have chores happening upstairs and downstairs – or for parties where I now have the music in the living room and out on the deck. It makes the perfect concert.

How many speakers do you own? This works with just about any speaker, no new purchases necessary. For just $35, you can set up your home without buying an expensive new speaker. You don’t want to know how much my last wireless speaker cost.

Easy to plug the Google Chromecast audio into any speaker

I love that it’s so simple to cast from my phone, meaning I can leave it plugged in to avoid any issues draining my batter. Yes, that happens all the time. I can stream podcasts, radio stations, music I have on my phone, and music from my favorite apps like Pandora and more. The flexibility? I adore it, and the simplicity of Google Chromecast audio means anyone can set this up and enjoy crystal clear high resolution sound. Just tap the cast button from any device, and music streams.

Tap the cast button on any enabled app

While I primarily choose to use my phone to cast, this works just as well and easily with your tablet or laptop. My husband who works a ton with music when he does his PA announcing has a supremely awesome app on his laptop to create mixes. He’s had fun casting that to our devices, too. Flexibility is a major hallmark. There are a ton of great apps you can use to stream. Google Chromecast smartly put together a list of all the apps to stream (that they update regularly). And like my husband’s app that isn’t a part of this (yet), he simply mirrors what’s playing on his computer through his Chrome browser. This works for Android devices, too (and support is coming soon for iOs devices but not quite yet).

More flexibility pluses? My biggest pet peeve is when you get a phone call or other notification on your phone, and it interrupts your streaming. My sister used her phone as DJ for her wedding, and let’s just say everyone knew whenever the stream stopped. Finally, I can answer my phone or text without the stream getting bumped. This alone makes the Google Chromecast audio one of my new favorite tech devices.

How to set up the Google Chromecast audio device

  • Start by plugging the device into your speaker’s aux output. Plug in the power cord to provide power to your device.
  • Connect your device to wifi. Download the Google Home app, and ensure you have your location settings turned on. Open the app, and walk through the setup. Every step is clearly explained, making this simple for anyone, no matter how technically confident you are. After setup, be sure to choose the High Dynamic Range option in settings to improve your audio experience.
  • Using your favorite app, tap “cast” to start streaming. If your app isn’t yet a part of the program and you are using the Chrome browser or an Android device, you can still stream by mirroring the sound from your phone or laptop. The Google Home app is a great free download. Use it to manage not just your Chromecast audio but all the Google Home devices.
  • Use your phone (or laptop) to pause your music, change the volume, or change the song. You have all the control in one place – and with my favorite feature that your music no longer gets interrupted when you receive a call or text!

Have you tried the new Google Chromecast audio? What’s your favorite streaming device?

Use Google Chromecast audio to get high quality audio from any speaker. See how this low cost device gives crystal clear sound over wifi to any speaker from your phone or computer.

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