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Custom Holiday Cards From Zazzle

December 22, 2015 by Michelle

I received a gift code from Zazzle to facilitate my order to provide a review of their custom holiday cards. I was not otherwise compensated, and all opinions remain my own.
Zazzle custom holiday cards

I love custom holiday cards. While back in the day,  I would simply choose my favorite design from the store and send them to all and sundry friends and family. I wasn’t the quickest to get on the custom holiday cards bandwagon, but once I had kids, I understood the appeal of sending them. I was able to share some of my favorite moments from my own family with others quickly and easily, in a way that fit my personality.

The custom holiday cards I received from my friends? They were just as fun. I love displaying them around my house and marveling at how some have changed so much and some look just the way I remember them. Not a one is the same, and I love seeing all the different varieties and options. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to create my own once again this year.

Zazzle has so many fun custom holiday cards, and I love that not only can I simply place my favorite photos with the Zazzle options, but I can edit the layout, the size, the text, and all sorts of options that make these the perfect custom holiday cards, whether you’re a novice or an expert photo editor. It’s intuitive and easy to use, and the options? They just about killed me as I tried to decide which of the custom holiday cards I would choose for myself this year.

I finally narrowed it down to a fun card with a full photo on the front with the wee ones – and yes, I moved the Merry from the middle of the card to a higher position so it wouldn’t cover anyone’s face – and a smaller one on the back where I can share our family’s message, wishing everyone a happy holiday from our family.

Zazzle Merry Card example

Why two photos this year instead of my usual…more? Well, let’s just say the wee ones weren’t the most cooperative when it came to choosing a holiday photo this year. Someone wasn’t smiling or someone else moved. They had bouts of hysterical laughter just before the shutter clicked or a cat walked into the frame. Trust me, this was almost my feature photo this year.

Almost our Christmas card photo

Fortunately, my dithering didn’t mean I wasn’t able to receive my custom holiday cards from Zazzle in a timely manner. From the time I ordered until they shipped, it took just one day. Whew, that’s fast! And yes, there are multiple shipping options, so you can choose how quickly you need to have them arrive. Mine came in the cutest box and included envelopes for each card – with a few extra, just in case I make a mistake in addressing them. (How well does Zazzle know me?)

Zazzle custom holiday cards include envelopes

My cards turned out so perfectly, and I am in love with how thick and robust the cardstock is. They look amazing, and I’m optimistic that my friends and family will be holding onto this year’s card. Me? I’ll be heading to Zazzle again the next time I need custom holiday cards – and address labels, to boot.

Merry Zazzle holiday cards

Address labels? Yep, those, too. I had such a blast creating address labels for my custom holiday cards. Though they aren’t identical to the cards I created, they photo of my kids in the background and clear address information on them – just as customizable as the cards in terms of layout – will ensure everyone knows who sent the card at a glance. With 18 labels per sheet and sheets so inexpensive, I’m planning to create more for everyday use, as well.

So yep, it’s December 22, and I’m just now organized enough to order and send out my cards, but that’s why they call them custom holiday cards and not Christmas cards, right? Best of all, Zazzle almost always has some special promotion running to make their products even more affordable.

What Zazzle products would you choose for your custom holiday cards?


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