Not allergen free treats from the allergen free trick or treat event

Halloween: Love It And Hate It

October 31, 2013 by Michelle

It’s Halloween once again.  Happy Halloween!

Yay me, I bought our pumpkins.  Boo me, I forgot to set aside time to carve them.  Yay me, the wee ones have their Halloween costumes.  Boo me, I still have to buy facepaint for Mister Man’s creeper costume for the school portion that allows no masks.  Yay me, I remembered to buy candy for trick or treaters.  Boo me, I’m not planning (again) to make it to the Halloween party at school.

I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with Halloween, if you can’t tell.  It’s fun, and I love the decorating and dressing up – that other people do.  I love seeing all the kids come by trick or treating, and I enjoy going house to house with the wee ones.  This year, it’s supposed to rain.  Not just sort of kind of rain, but it’s supposed to pour down from the skies.  It’s enough that I had Little Miss pack her gymnastics bag for today because if it’s really going to rain that much, we’re skipping trick or treating and she’s going to her team practice that wasn’t canceled for today. (On that note, I learned last week when talking to the gym owner that there is practice on the week of Thanksgiving and between Christmas and New Year for teams.  Yikes!)

Yesterday, we went to the allergen free trick or treat in our town, an event designed for the kids who have special needs and tend to have more allergies so can’t eat most of the candy that’s handed out.  That fits us to a T.  Between Little Miss’s dairy allergy and my prohibition on HFCS (and Mister Man’s intolerance to dyes), we don’t get to keep all that much candy that we collect on Halloween.  Fortunately, the wee ones are still of the mindset that it’s fun to get the candy, but they’re good with donating it afterwards.

Oh, and that allergen free trick or treating?  We aren’t going again next year.  I wrote last year about how the allergen free trick or treat wasn’t so allergen free.  I very constructively talked to the board and explained the issue.  All natural and organic does not mean allergens aren’t present.  They listened and said they heard.

Not allergen free treats from the allergen free trick or treat event

And next year, we won’t go back.  Little Miss put it best. Mommy, the allergy trick or treat is worse than regular trick or treating.  I get my hopes up that I can eat some of the food, but I only got one lollipop that doesn’t have dairy.  At least with normal trick or treating, I know it’s just going to be the regular stuff.

How sad is that?  Once again, we received cheddar crackers (dairy, gluten), Pirate Booty (dairy), chocolate bars (dairy and soy), and other things along those lines.  Many were also may contain traces of nuts, soy, dairy, etc.  I love the concept behind it.  I love that there are neighbors who band together to create this evening, but the saying that it’s the thought that counts only goes so far.

Then there are the costumes themselves.  I had time to think about them while sitting in my car yesterday waiting for school to let out…


  • Patty

    $30 for the box! That’s crazy! I guess that is what my godson was for Halloween too. I had no idea what the green outfit was all about when I saw a pic on Facebook. I’m not a halloween fan, even as a kid, the costumes were those weird sack like things you slipped over your heads and the plastic masks made me claustrophobic. Maybe when I have kids I will get into it but right now, not so much. Hope the littles enjoyed it! 🙂

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