Happy New Year holding up fingers to show 2 0 1 4

Happy New Year – Or Something

January 1, 2014 by Michelle

So all I wanted to do was wish everyone a happy new year.  In a unique and fun way, of course.  So when I saw a friend’s photo she sent proving that her children made it to midnight, I knew exactly what to do.  I was going to copy her. In fact, I think I may make this a new tradition going forward, and perhaps this will even be the front cover of each year’s family calendar (faked in advance, of course).

It’s a simple idea but so fun.  Have your kids sit and use their fingers to hold up the numerals of the new year.  With two kids, it’s easy, but you can definitely do it with more, too.  Because really… how cute is this?

Happy New Year holding up fingers to show 2 0 1 4


You don’t want to know how many photos it took to get this photo, however.  And this is an “as good as it gets” type photo rather than what I was truly hoping for.  But that’s ok, because it’s a great memory.

Whenever we sit down to take pictures, whether it’s for the annual holiday card or a photo shoot while we’re out and about somewhere, the wee ones forget what’s involved in taking a photo.  This is probably why we end up with school retakes every year because… the retake can’t possibly be worse than the original, right?

We started out with the wee ones holding up the wrong year.  Mister Man had 14 and Little Miss held up 20.  Fortunately, we’re well past the year 1420, and once I pointed this out to them, we got it straightened out.  Of course, at this point, I still had the naive view that this would be a one and done type photo.

Mister Man can't hold still - and what year is it?

Of course, Mister Man didn’t quite get the message and still held up 14.  And he has this issue with being unable to hold still at the most critical times.  Like… when I’m taking a photo.



Mister Man looks miserable in this photo

Or he looks absolutely miserable in the second it takes me to snap the photo.  I swear he was smiling when my finger moved towards the trigger.  And his 2?  It’s losing steam!

The wee ones think they're hilariousnual

Sometimes, they think they’re so funny that they just can’t stop laughing.  Especially when they somehow figure out exactly what the other is going to do and manage the perfect timing to oh… I don’t know, both close their fists to show the year 0.  And yes, I have to laugh along with them, because can you feel the joy in them?

Little Miss looks like she's being tortured and so does Mister Man

Well, there was joy in that last photo.  Not so much in this one.  I can almost see Little Miss thinking, “Are you done yet?  My thumb hurts from holding this position.” And yes… that was a huge complaint of hers.  How you manage to get a sore thumb from making a four with your other four fingers, I really don’t know.  My children are special.

Little Miss is bored

And as the photo session goes on, it just goes downhill.  Do you think this looks like a happy new year?  This isn’t my happy face!

Little Miss lost the 4

And then we have the issue with keeping everything in the frame.  I am beginning to wonder if Little Miss has a possessed left hand.  It kept drifting and drifting to the side until it was no longer in the photo.  I did have the “perfect” photo a few times before realizing that we were apparently celebrating the year 201.

The wee ones are so funny they fell over


And sometimes, things are so funny that they can’t even manage to stay upright.  Just when I think we’re all good to go, they collapse in giggles.  Literally collapse.

And on it goes.  This is the story of my life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  And how can you not still have fun with and want to save all the goofy photos, too?

Regardless, a very happy 2014 to you and yours.  May every day bring your more happiness than the previous one.

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  • Angel The Alien

    That is a cool idea for a picture! The “outtakes” are just as cute as the final product

  • Maria

    Ok, that (those) photos are adorable! So much cuter than the one I took. I was the one that was too tired to deal with trying to get the perfect shot. Now I wish I put more time into it. It did help that the kids were so tired they just wanted to get the photo shot over with. 😉

    Happy New Year!

  • Laila (@OnlyLaila)

    Happy New Year!

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