Little Miss with sling

April Fools – A Child’s Perspective

April 1, 2013 by Michelle

So the wee ones know it’s April Fools Day.  And at 7 and 9 years old, they “get” it for the first time ever this year.  They’ve both been busily planning various pranks, some rejected, some overheard and discarded, and some forgotten.  It’s made me smile to hear what they have in store, although they want it to be a secret from me, too.

Well, Mister Man did.  Little Miss wanted my help.  Remember her broken arm from two summers ago?  She’s decided that she wants to go to school today with her sling and pretend like she broke her arm again, but she needed my help to figure out how to put the sling on.

Little Miss with sling

In my mind, this is a no harm, no foul kind of prank, and I’m fine with it.  She put it on her right arm, so there’s no danger of her being “unable” to do school work today, as she’s a lefty.  It doesn’t hurt anyone else.  It’s sort of funny, but mostly silly.  It’s obvious to everyone that it isn’t real since she has no cast or bandage.  And it doesn’t make anyone else feel bad.

That’s my general criteria for a prank.  If it fails any of those tests, it’s immediately pushed to the pile of unacceptable ideas, and the wee ones know this.  Mister Man’s prank skirts the edge of this, but I’m ok with it because it’s at home and I’m here to supervise.

Upsidedown stickers waiting to be sat on

See those?  Those are stickers.  Upsidedown on Daddy’s chair (and mine, but since I saw them the second I got downstairs this morning, Mister Man is currently in the process of removing them from my chair and putting more on his).  The idea is that when he sits in his chair, he’ll have stickers covering his bottom.

At home, ok.  It’s only family, and no one but us will see.  I can notice when it happens and alert my husband so that he can remove them before his pants get washed and ruined or anyone sees it and giggles.  If this were something he’d done at school, that would be over the line.

My mom tried to get me with April Fools this year, too.  She called as I was getting the wee ones ready to say that our school was closed today because they had issues with the heating system “or something.”  Ok, Mom.  Unfortunately, I know that our alert system at school is incredibly efficient and gets news out faster than the radio.  No dice for her, but still a cute joke.

So did you play any pranks today?  What are your rules for kids’ pranks?


  • Tara R.

    I’m not a big fan of pranks, especially ones that could be embarrassing, or hurtful – physically or emotionally. The sling prank is a good one, and I thought the stickers (at home) could be funny too. My kids aren’t big on jokes either, so I’ve been spared throughout the years.

    • Michelle

      Amen to you on that one. I thought the sling prank was amazing and so creative. I wonder what they’ll find to do next year. But I’m still hoping that I’m essentially spared. There are some nasty tricks out there that I – with you – just don’t like.

  • Pat

    I don’t recall discussing rules about April Fool’s Day pranks with my kids. They’d mainly do things like, for example, say, “Look at that huge spider!” while pointing behind the victim. They did innocuous spur-of-the-moment verbal “jokes” like that.

    • Michelle

      You wouldn’t think you’d have to, right? 😉 I have special children. I like the verbal jokes, again the ones that are harmless and essentially sweet!

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