Fit Update: Week 33 aka I Hate Step Aerobics

September 2, 2013 by Michelle

Good news?  I rejoined the gym life.  After taking a “little” break over the summer from an official gym membership, I joined a new gym once the wee ones went back to school.  As I’ve talked about before, I’m a class girl, so I wanted to find a gym that would have classes that worked for my schedule and my interests.

After looking around, I found a gym that has both the strength classes that I loved from this past winter and the dance classes I so enjoyed this past spring.  It was the perfect combination for me, and there are more classes than those, plus it’s a full gym so I once again have access to showers if I need to be seen in public immediately after the gym and other exercise equipment if I want to do something else.

I’m a happy camper.  There are classes at different times in the morning, so I’ve been able to get to 9:45am classes for days when I want to get to the gym and home and 11am classes for when I have a ton going on the morning and can’t get there earlier.  And if I’m really ambitious after the wee ones get on the bus, I can also go to 8:30am classes – since showing up a few minutes late seems to be par for the course (no pun intended).

With so many different options, each day has different courses – and there aren’t classes at 8:30, 9:45 and 11am every single day.  I have yet to make it to the cardio kickboxing class, but that’s one I’m really looking forward to.  One I’ve skipped so far is the spin classes.  During my tour, the manager made sure to point out the class to me and recommend it.  I simply smiled and nodded at him.  When I ran into a friend from school at a class last week, she mentioned how much she’s been enjoying the spin classes.

I sighed and told her my story.

I’ve only ever done a spin class once.  It was the day after I had donated blood.  I know you’re supposed to wait 24 hours before working out, and it had been 25 hours.  Don’t do spin that soon.  I was so close to passing out with my ears ringing and my vision blacked out that I debated whether it was better for me to pass out while still attached to the bike or to try to get off the bike and just fall on the floor.

I eventually managed to get off the bike and make it into the locker room where I sat with my head between my legs for more than twenty minutes before I finally started to feel well enough to sit up.  I’d gotten through maybe 10 minutes of the class, and I’ve never gone back.  One bad experience has scarred me.

So that brings me to this past Friday.  The only class I could make it to was a step aerobics class.  I’ve never done a step class before, but I’ve done aerobics back in the day, and I love dance classes.  It’s a pretty good mashup of the two, right?  I got there, put my step together and smiled as I heard the instructor pump up some good music.

Step setup for step aerobics

And then she started speaking a language I didn’t understand.  A step straddle hop over knee repeater corner to corner traveling.  Whoah, what?

I tried watching what she was doing and following along, and there were a lot of the steps that I got.  I was able to mamba on the step.  And I got the traveling.  And the hop over (with a twist, whoo hoo).  By the end of the class, I figured out the A step to a straddle.

But oh my word there was so much that I just couldn’t follow.  It moved so fast and there wasn’t the same amount of repetition that there is in the Zumba and other classes that help me figure out the moves.  I was focused almost entirely on my feet and trying to get them to do what they were supposed to, but the instructor would periodically add arms into the mix.  I couldn’t even start to think about doing anything other than having my arms hang down by my sides because I was putting all my energy into my feet moving.

And that frustration?  It made me not like the class.  There was no explaining, and it moved so fast from move to move to move that I was lost and too many times I was standing there trying to figure out what the instructor’s feet were doing to try to imitate her and failing.

Needless to say, I’ve sort of crossed that class of my list of ones I want to do.  But like what I tell the wee ones, just because something is hard doesn’t mean you simply quit.  If I do this for three or four weeks, it’ll start to come together, right?  And maybe I’ll like it better then because I won’t be so frustrated.  I’ll never know if I don’t try, right?

Maybe I don’t like it because step aerobics just isn’t my thing.  And maybe I don’t like it because I’m just not good at it – yet.

That got me thinking.  I haven’t done a spin class in almost five years after that one scary class.  I wrote off spin as not for me when I know why it was so painful for me.  I’ve been almost scared to try it again, but maybe I shouldn’t have been so hasty.  Maybe I would actually like it, so this week, I’m going to try another spin class.

So if you hear a big thunk one day soon, you’ll know it was me hitting the floor.  But I’m giving it a fair shake.  Who knows?  I have so many friends who swear by spin classes, so maybe this will be my new favorite activity!

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    Great to see this post this morning – as I’m deciding not to work out today because I overdid it by working out the past four days in a row. I’m a class person too and have the same class likes/dislikes as you. Love the strength classes, and dance classes, and yoga. I tried a step class (our friend J loves, loves, loves step class) because it fit my schedule. And had exactly the same experience as you. I applaud you if you go back, I just said “not for me”. I also refuse to run – hate it. And I love to swim, but get irritated by all the chlorine and the time to change and get ready. And spinning – ugh, I’m intimidated. Even though I have been bicycling quite a bit outside this summer. I guess there is a reason we are friends lol. Maybe someone here will have some ideas that can make us break out of our existing notions. Looking forward to dance class and our closet project this week!

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