Have We Voted Yet?

October 25, 2012 by Michelle

I love the #VlogMom prompts because they make me think.  And this was a much longer vlog than I thought it would be (ok, just over 3 minutes, but still…), and after I was done, I still had more to say that I left unsaid.  For now.

This week, Julie Meyers Pron from Julieverse asks:

What do you think of this year’s political season?  Not what do you think of politics and your beliefs, but the season and how it’s gone.  Have things gotten out of hand?  Has the media been fair and even?  Are you exhaused?  Too many phone calls, doorbell rings, etc?  What do you REALLY think?

I feel like a bad citizen.  I really do.  But tired is definitely the word that sums it all up for me right now.  How about you?  Are you dressing your kids in racially charged political t-shirts like I’ve seen on some of my friends’ children?  Are you out canvassing or sharing your every political thought on Facebook?  Or are you done with it all for one reason or another?

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  • all.things.fadra

    I think this season has been so different for me since I recently moved. No one seems to know my address or my phone number and I don't have cable TV. So I've been oblivious to the advertising! But I'm with you on all the rest!

  • [email protected]

    I'm tired of it all too. I'm trying to stay upbeat because I want my kids excited…but it's tough. Also, I have never received any mailings at all. Yay!

  • Michelle

    Fadra – We don't have cable either, but I watch via my Roku, and I am AMAZED by how many political ads are on there. I think I may move in four years.

    Tracy – My kids aren't old enough to really get it, so they're fine when I'm not upbeat, but the next election will be tough. Apparently I need to move where you live, because I am absolutely inundated daily with mailings.

  • Pat

    I too am so ready for the election to be over…I am burned out.

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